Why Young is a good move for United


By James Johnson.

With the rumours surrounding Ashley Young’s possible move to Manchester United, it seems as good a time as any to discuss the benefits of the potential transfer.

With only a year left on his contract at Aston Villa it’s believed that any transfer fee would be around the 10-12m mark, which fits well into any potential transfer budget and would surely fit Fergie’s requirements for ‘value in the market’.

Set pieces have been a continual source of frustration for United fans ever since David Beckham left for Real Madrid. Whilst Ronaldo scored a few free kicks in his time at the club, corners and free kicks from wide positions seemed to be attracted to the head of the first defender rather that any of the attacking group in the area. Young in his time at Villa has contributed an assist in every four games or so, mainly coming from set pieces, and with vastly inferior players than at United. By signing Young it is likely that United will have another string to their attacking bow with consistently accurate deliveries into the box.

Apart from Nani and possibly Ji Sung Park, no other midfielders have offered a consistent goal threat from midfield, having another option to start or bring on who can get a goal will take the pressure of the likes of Rooney and Hernandez to score the majority of goals. With Ryan Giggs now seemingly a central midfielder the options of the wing are not as strong as it first seems. Antonio Valencia is by recent selections first choice on the right wing, Nani plays his best football on the right hand side, and Park, whilst perfect for the bigger games as a defensive winger, he lacks the craft to open up teams whose aim it is to escape with a draw. Young even though he is right footed has played on the left wing for many years and is very comfortable there.

Young probably isn’t the glamorous big name that many people would want to see linked with the club, but he is a safe and talented option. The likes of Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez would without doubt be a massive sign on intent from the club, but there is firstly little to no chance of us winning a bidding war with the teams linked to those players, and secondly there is no guarantee that they will settle into English football. Young knows the league inside out and has been one of the better attacking players over the past two to three years, and will more than likely improve with the better players at Man United who he would be playing with.

For the prices being talked about, his versatility, his delivery from set pieces and his age and room to improve I am firmly of the belief that signing Young would be a very good move for the club.

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  1. Dont get to excited about our Ashley he isn’t all that, his final ball is terrible, his constant whining at official’s is embarrassing, and this from a Villa fan.

    Take him you will see, the real star will be Marc Albrighton

  2. “Consistently accurate deliver to the box”

    Have you been watching him with your eyes closed ? I wonder which Ashley Young you have been watching but it it ain’t the one you think your getting. Still we will take your £15 million and you will have to find out the hard way.

  3. I’m a Villa fan and your welcome to him. Whilst he does have some good games they are often against the weaker teams in the league, can’t see how you’d benefit with him in the Champions League!! Constant moaning and always throwing himself to the ground after being tackled, although after Ronaldo you’ll be used to that. You’ll soon find out that Valencia and Nani are far better players

  4. Villa have put the price @ 16m but although I’m a Villan myself I would say this figure is 6m too much.
    He’s okay and will always try his best but you will soon find it’s not good enough, personally I will be pleased for him to go as both Villa and Ashley need a change.

    The thing that makes most of us laugh is reading that ManU fans on you’re forums believe he can take corners and free kicks!
    You will soon realise these are not his strength’s.

  5. Why does everyone slag off Young so much! The lad got 7 goals and 11 assists this season and played a part in virtually every goal. He may go down easily and he may argue but, honestley, who doesn’t these days! Not only does he give you talent going forward, but he also gives his all tracking back and that is why Fergy wants him; he’s a mixture of Park and Nani and I personally am going to miss him.

  6. I would listen to and take advice and information from fans of the football club he plays for in this case Aston Villa and in particular Chiefy from the Villa blog.
    He calls it correctly regards Ashley Young, no improvement on what we already have at Manchester United.
    His point in my opinion regards Marc Albrighton, is bang on the money.A player on the cusp of greatness and plays the United way, fast counter attacking football, with an eye for goal(and assist) and can put the foot in.Much adored by the Villans

  7. young was praised by villa fans last season and now utd want him you say he is crap and not worth the money, cos of the greedy glazers utd just dont have the cash to throw around and its sick to see a club like utd or any club being bought and bled dry by non football owners. the likes of city and chelsea can afford to pay disgracefull amounts of money to players who will gladly triple their current wages to move and dont care about sitting on the bench as long as they get paid, city fans saying they will take over utd of course they will with the money they have but until city win what utd have you will NEVER be bigger that utd full stop

  8. Come on lads, £15m for Young is a good price if you ask me. He is playing with rubbsih players at Villa. He is only going to get better playing with good players at Man United. You will see when he signs, he will prove you all wrong.

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