Which Player Will Bring Creativity To Manchester United’s Midfield?


By Ben Davies

I‘ve been banging on for two years (to anyone that will listen) centre midfield is a major problem for Manchester United, not that man Berbatov.

There is a lack of creativity from centre midfield with a 35 year old Paul Scholes still our most creative player. I love Scholes, he’s had a decent season however it is unfair to ask Scholes to perform to the high standards he sets himself on a consistent basis at this stage of his career.

Carrick has come in for heavy criticism this season, some justified some not in my opinion. Admittedly Carrick started the season slowly but since Christmas his performance levels have been to a decent standard, until recent games of course. It should not be forgotten Carrick had a stint playing in the centre defence so deserves a little slack in that respect. Perhaps Carrick is a bridesmaid – good, but not quite at the top tier of elite players?

Fletcher for the last two years has been sensational, he has turned himself from a player heavily criticised into a key member of the first team. Fletcher would probably admit himself he has less natural talent than Scholes but makes up with sheer hard work and effort. Fletcher is now a big game player and one of the first names on team sheet.

Similar to all absent players Anderson’s reputation has somewhat grown in his absence. Anderson still has plenty to prove in my opinion, think his reputation is slightly higher than what it should be at the moment. Of course Anderson is still young and has bags of potential. Hopefully Fergie remains United’s manager long enough to install good habits into the Brazilian.

Gibson has potential; we all know he has an eye for goal. The quality of passing in and around the penalty area is an area that requires improving. Perhaps this will come with experience..?

Unfortunately I feel Hargreaves is not the solution. We should take every game he plays as a bonus next season, there is no guarantee he can play week in week out.

From discussions on blog and forum it seems the popular solutions are:

  • Modric
  • Hamsik
  • Joe Cole
  • Gourcuff
  • Milner

Which midfielder would see solve the lack of creativity in midfield?

Is midfield not the problem, would you prefer another striker?

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  1. Hamsik – great potential
    Modric – couldn’t care less
    Joe Cole – old, injuries all the time and he’s half russian.
    Gourcuff – great potential

    I would go for hamsik, gourcuff or milner. And becaouse both hamsik and gourcuff is unproven i would go for milner. He’s been a class act this year. Just imagine what he could do with fletcher in the engine room, valencia and nani at the flanks and rooney/berba up front. He also fits into a 5man midfield.

  2. david silva reports in spain suggets real madrid are in talks with velencia so i say yuo can rule that won out. the other player i would say arron lenoon he is ouick and fast make goals score goals make the the team play sexy football when hei is not involed the team play average also madrid are ready to sell benzenma looks like thats a done deal

  3. Hamsik is the real deal.. it was obvious YEARS ago that this was the case but now his profile is a lot higher.. Will he want to cmoe though..

    We should have signed Sneijder as well , which WAS value in the transfer market sir alex….

  4. Love it when Utd buy players from other parts of the world and make mould them into greatness.

    But! Following Milner this year I believe he is a smaller risk at problably aroud the same signing fee..

    Like all three players. Would just like a proven player because we need fresh blood next season not in to years time.

  5. Hard to say with britsh players always being higher than normal. And he’s had a good season. And Villa is probably not likely to sell. Around the amount we paid for Valencia maybe. Around 15-20 maybe…? What do you think?

    What is your opinion on the three?

  6. @Stretford End Arising

    Agree with your silva worry. Ronaldo was big and strong. No problem for him. Silva not so sure. At least not the instant impact i believe we need.

  7. joe cole cause its a free transfer.. also value for money… milner is proven in premier league but could he cut it with the big boys… gourcuff is class also has great technique n an eye for goal… i’d personally go for wesley sneijder he has it everything you need in a great midfielder

  8. Modric & Gourcuff maybe.
    Gourcuff is probably the man to go for sue to age and the transfer fee which wll be commanded.
    The problem we have at the min is that Fergie has missed out on alot of talent for the midfield (2 years at least like the article says!!)
    The issue united have at the moment is this:
    we need 2 midfielders if we’re to play a 4-4-2
    DM and Creative – Rodwell and Van der Vaart/Gourcuff/Arshavin/Higuain/Sneijder
    If we play a 4-4-2 at the moment. It’d be carrick and fletcher vs. lampard and essien, vs. fabregas and song, vs. Ireland and Barry, vs gerrard and mascherano. All of these battles we would lose!!!
    If we play a 4-5-1 at the moment. we don’t fair too bad because Rooney is totally amazing and it gives fletcher extra space he needs to shine. but even with this fromation we need a creative midfeilder, which, we haven’t got!!

    I agree a bit with the article about Berbatov probably not being at his best due to the lack of flair and creativity in the middle but his attitude could improve a bit and instead of moanng he could chase down the ball alot more!!

    My final point aswell in relation to this article would be; is it time for Fergie to go?
    In my eyes, yes, because Mourinho has publicly come out and said he wants to leave Italy and Fergie has said he won’t go past 70. So for the sake of 1 year!? As much as Fergie’s done he can’t go on forever!!!

  9. Joe Cole is a good player, but when was the last time he “really” proved himself. Has he really the last two seasons?

    Could be because he’s been injured but still think milner is the better choice. Much younger and just as good.

    I also believe Joe Cole would rather stay with chelsea. We will never give he the wages he wants at Chelsea. Then he will rahter stay and get a smaller wage.

  10. Stretford End Arising on

    @ Markymark,

    agree think with our current midfielders we are better suited to 4-5-1 formation. Agree, Carrick and Fletcher would struggle against Essien and Lampard, not to sure about the others you listed.

    Regarding Fergie, I think he has deserves to leave on his own terms. What do others think?

  11. Have said for ages that Sneijder IS the one to take over from Scholes or be that creative player we miss.
    But would hapily take Hamsik/Gourcuff/Silva.
    But if we´re talking about Prem players like Milner-who has had a brilliant season- and Joe Cole then I would be equally and in some part happier if we got Arteta!
    The guy is quality, has a good football brain and plays quality passes without going missing!

  12. But for a defensive player I would look no further than Yaya Toure!
    Either way we need atleast 2 midfielders who are specialist at what they do.
    We have too many players who are similar in the sense that they are neither specialist at defending or creating, and players that can play under pressure ( unlike say Carrick ).
    So with that I would look to a Yaya + Creative midfielder.
    15 mil-Yaya + 20-25 mil on a creative midfielder!
    with questions marks still surrounding hargreaves-anderson-carrick, with scholes – giggs – coming to the end and Park is really a midfield utility player, there is a need to get that centre of the park sorted!!

  13. ya good piont velencia has done well this season. but sence rooney got injured he is not the sanme player. i think you could play in middfield. maybe in per season fergie might try playing there if we did by lennon. i always belive you should have to players in very posttion. i think nani statting to play well on the left. so nani and park battling for the left. lennon and velencia fighting out for the right. giggs coming on as a sub @ stetford end arising

  14. Clearly an area that needs real quality, not stop gaps or potential, we need an Essien and a new Scholes. As for players not being big enough to play the the PL, do we think Messi would make it? Of course he would, it’s not about their size, if a player is truely world class he will find a way of making it work.

    Get Steven Ireland and Schweinsteiger, don’t want Silva, Villa, Benzema or Cole. Gourcouff couldn’t cut it at Milan, Defour is a decent shout but unproven, Sneijder is quality but doubt he would move again having settled at Inter, James Milner would be good but Villa would be crazy to sell him and if they want to make top 4 they have to hang on to guys like him.

  15. @ javan i think clevery is like ateta and he is young but his injured at the moment . but when he does come back shouldnt fergie give him a chance to break trough rather than sing ateta who is 28 years age i think . if he did come i wouldnt complain at all. if he does have good world cup i can see going to madrid and the price value going uo

  16. didn’t even think about Ateta, great shout, wouldn’t be too expensive either so Fergie wouldn’t be too bothered about his re-sale value!!!!!!

  17. dont i didnt even now he was injured i saw on last nite and david said he was injerd on mu. tv i say he back for per season do

  18. Very true, Messi is not Human! Although I do stand by what I say, Scholes have never been the biggest guy in the world but has been class, Giggs isn’t the biggest either but also class. Lets take another look at this, Heskey is a pretty big guy, Carew not a small chap either, same said for Mido…. I think it’s about mental strength rather than physical, Messi is small but mentally so strong, he knows how to use the small frame he has to it’s maximum.

    On another point, Citeh would hate to sell to us and I think Ireland would hate to come to us but I would break the bank for the lad, he is top quality and would be the perfect solution to replace Scholes.

  19. Spurs would be mad to sell Lennon, just the same as Villa with Milner. Cleverley is a decent prospect but cannot be judged by a season in the Championship, lets give him a year in the 1st team squad and see how he does, hopefully he’ll do a Beckham and leather one in from the half way line on his full debut!

    To be fair the last thing we need is a right winger, Valencia and Nani should be left to fight for that spot with Nani occassionally playing on the left as he does OK there but is much better on the right. Obertan should come through next year and will be decent on the left.

    Just been speaking with an avid Red and we both agree that the main issue with our midfield is down to the fact that we do not know who our best players are, we have not had the same midfield for 2 games in a row for seems like year, I think Berba would be better if we played much of the same team a few weeks in a row, he tries lots of flicks etc that are not being read as the players don’t seem to know each other the pitch too well.

  20. agree beckham gual that day was unbeliveable from the kalf wqy line has it evre being done sensce yes i think the guy from wigan what was his name he scored a free kick aginst stoke. spurs are one up great goal buy danny rose. its looks a good player fergie missed out in a goog taletent there.

  21. @ stretford do you think flecther and millner can play in the middle togther my mate said fltecther and millner are the sanme style of players but i think fletch is mor defenive player but also an attacking player millner is more box to box player/ we were talking about for ages he reckons they wouldnt play well togther. i think they will. aslo his right posttion is left wing. if flecth and milllner didnt work out i put him on the left

  22. Jason Freeman on

    Milner or Modric. Both proven in the Prem. Both had very good seasons. Both still very young. Both will probably cost the same.

  23. Jason Freeman on

    Cleverley will be OK for pre-season from what i’ve heard. As his knee injury wasn’t as bad as first feared.

  24. Would like to have this first team-squad for next season:

    Keeper: Kuz and VDS, In Neuer/Lloris, Foster out.

    Defence: Brown, O’Shea, Rio, Smalling, Evans, Vidic, Evra, Rafael In Out Neville

    Wing: Valencia, Nani, Park, In: Ashley Young Out:

    Center Mid: Giggs(last season), Anderson, Cleverly, Fletch, Carrick, Hargy(if even possible), In: Milner Out: Scholes

    Forward: Rooney, Berba, Macheda, Diouf, Chich In: No sure just yet:) Out: Owen, Welbeck(need to give space to the others)

  25. following your comment bout Berba not being the problem… I dont think there is just one problem. Firstly Berba is a genius! Just does not fit in to our attacking stlye, and I feel he lacks passion and slows us down, when he scores I dont want to see our no.9 just walking away from the goal with his head down! It breads a passionless team. Look at Rooney or owen against city thats how to celebrate. Berba out a striker with passion in I dont care who he will be 2nd choice anyway. As for midfield Milner!!!! he is the new S. Gerrard we havent had a powerfull direct CM like him since Ince. I would also start giving these gifted youngsters a crack ie. gibson obertan cleverley rav morrison. A lot of people say on these blogs lets go and buy the world, look we are skint thanks to the w**k yank. The cost of my suggestion— berba out 16m Milner in 18m Lloris 15m A top striker ie L. suarez from ajax 20m that is 37 million. a tad more than Dimi cost. Keep the faith! LOVE UTD HATE GLAIZERS….

  26. @ S7ELACE

    If i understand right:

    You want us to buy milner and Lloris. And give youngsters a chance?

    Agree with the fact that only buying new players will solve everything.

    Fixing the midfield and playing more to Berbas skills will go along way.

    If SAF is to keep playing 4-5-1 sell berba. If he has plans to integrate berba in a better way. Would love to keep him. He’s had a bad seaso, but his problem it’s just as much our style of play as it is bad form/lack of work rate.

  27. @Stretford End Arising

    Might be a stupid thought but I have hope that with young playing with overall better players he will also raise his game. Hard to be a top rated player if your not in a top four side.

  28. what modirc jiust what we need he is a bit like carrick but can get forward a lot more and score goals a bit more. also we have being linked with jack rodwell has being linked with recently jiust what we need a young player

  29. @ Dalegute

    When I said give youth a chance then said sign three players ie Lloris (we have tried with Foster hes just short on class) CM Milner( tried with anderson and quit a few young CM looking for a Milner type) and a frorward yes your prob right there we dont need a forward as much but its SAF he always buys forwards lol. And I believe Berba to be on his way I just think he slows us down to much and hes not a 6.5m young player coming through at 32.5m british record signing, hes just not done enough and not performed in the big games! he has to go this is MUFC he should of been an immediat impact signing but 2 seasons and the red army are still waiting! ie torres drogba tevez all expensive forwards make imediate impacts. sorry mate but hes supremely gifted but the revolving striker door is already moving ready fro suarez, kun aguero, benzema or villa. And trust me these guys mentioned will speed up our attack and scare oppostion more than Berba

  30. @ S7ELACE

    You might be right. Might be to impressed with his elegant touches and sliky skills. Love that but as you say. If we are to go for suarez, kun aguero, benzema or villa. We have to sell Berba. Both to get funds and to make room up front.

    News to day claims benzema will go for 17mill. No brainer for me. What do you guys think?

  31. rossiniTheRed on

    Would love to see Gourcuff & Hamsik play for us next season….& we should break out a few million for Silva & Benzema……..If we could get these four that would inject so much creativity into our already talented squad….and we would have that depth in midfield that we lack……..

  32. Rodwell is a top player, could well solve the defensive midfielder problem and would also offer extra cover in the back 4. Modric is another GOOD player but has only had one good searon in PL also I’ve had enough of paying well over the odd for Spurs players, they’ve made a killing out of us, 2 mil the paid for Carrick, we paid 18! erba for 10mil the paid over 30! Levy must love United.

  33. Berba to Valencia in swap deal for silva + 5-10 mil, then go for benzema again, he’s had a crap season but he’d definitely get goals in our team. Agree that an attacking mid is what we need the most but fergies already cocked that1 up, £13m for sneijder??? probably fergies stuberness in refusing to deal with tha dirty mob!!! And Ashley Young???? Are you lot being serious? Most frustrating player in the world, he’s painful to watch!!!

  34. @rossiniTheRed
    Gourcuff,Hamsik, Silva + Benzema. Unrealistic. Never gonna happen.

    Agree. Stop feeding Spurs!

  35. I’ve nothing against Jewish people but if your gonna do business with em expect them to drive a hard bargain, as we have found out all too often. If we bought Lennon or Madric off them I would expect them to make at least another 20mil off us.

    All the threads are hot for Benzema, I’m not sure about him but if you could get him for 17mil as reported then it would be worth a punt.

    What really grates on me is that we could have saved £8mil if we had bought Torres instead of Berba and I doubt anyone would argue as to which would have been the better signing. If we had got Torres we would have a front 2 that everyone would fear and they would still be here kicking butt in 10 years time. Now well never get him.

  36. my dream team for next season
    hugo lorris
    rapheal vidic rio evra
    nani millner flecther silva
    rooney benzenma
    subs smalling ireland velencia cole van der sar john o shea darren bent evans

  37. ya jiust in a fancey land bord at work today jiust wrote what my dream team would be @ stretford end arising @ wakers bent has scored over 22 goals this season this seas look at owen 7 goals i no his injured but bent is only 24 and would b e perfect coming of the benchand playing in carling cup ganme and fa cup ganmes.

  38. ya jiust in a fancey land bord at work today jiust wrote what my dream team would be @ stretford end arising @ wakers wouldnt he perfect for coming of the bench he has scored 22 goals this season. . franny jeffers dosent he play for sheiffeld wednesday i think.

  39. @ Brian Darren Bent?????!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    He’s a great player for a mid table team but not for a league and champions league contender. He needs to play every week and I would not put him in for Rooney, granted a player who runs beyond the last line of defence would be great, someone to run the channels and do the dog work for Rooney. A “Fox in the Box” I know just the man, where Franny Jeffers these days?

  40. @ stretford end arising didnt fergie say las friday on mu tv he tried to sing pato when he was 16. when was in braszil. but they want 14 millon at the time . fergie said he was to mush at that time . so ac milan want for him insteas. and fergie asid he wished he singed now. also chelsea would be favourites to sing him now

  41. Don’t know about Red Knights but I’m hoping that the competetive nature of the UAE makes some Dubai or Qatar Royal family come and buy us hoping to get one up on Abu Dhabi! These guys are the only private owners who could realistically buy United, not sure how the Red Knights would work, too many different interests, would be a political nightmare (pardon the pun).

    Franny Jeffers the “fox in the box” total number of goals scored for the 10mil spent………4, now at Sheffield Weds with the grand total of 5 goals in 52 games!!!!

    I hear AC Milan want to sell Pato……any thoughts?

  42. Yeah he’s at Shef Wed, not doing well, ruined his career going to Arsenal, same as Richard Wright and to some degree Upson, lets hope they don’t do the same to Theo.

    Bent banged in about 17 goals for Spurs off the bench, he was top scorer that year and hardly started a game. My problem with him is that against top teams he is not the guy to put the fear of god into the oppositions back 4, Owen is really the perfect foil for Rooney but he just cannot stay fit, he is just the type of player Wazza needs up from with him, if we are going to let Spurs make a fortune off us AGAIN try getting Defoe, he would score an absolute hatful for United, I would say 30 plus goals.

  43. not havent being down at traing for a while velencia are playing toinght against ath bilbabo nil all at the moment 27 minutes gone villa and silva are playing. rumures in spain saying silva is going to madrid would they evere make thete mind last weak he was going to us nohe is going madrid thats silva not villa. i hope one of thenm comes we badly need one of thenm cant wiait for saturday

  44. david silva jiust scored fergie fergie sing him up fergie sing. it was a tap from four yards coner wipped in header of the post back out silva tapped it

  45. Jason Freeman on

    I’d forgotten about Stephen Ireland, is he injured? I think it’s time we put an end to this United supporter putting on a blue shirt. Fergie!!! Sign him up! Shitty might let him go for cheaper now seeing as he isn’t starting much.

  46. Jason Freeman on

    That’s what i’ve heard. I’m sure he is. His idol was Keano too. Played for the same Irish side as Keano too. Cobh Ramblers. I’m pretty sure he’s a United fan. I can’t remember where I heard it but I know I did.

  47. Jason Freeman on

    Madrid can have Ribery. I didn’t want him to come to us before the CL QF’s and now I want him even less.

  48. Jason Freeman on

    I don’t think he’s that good either though to be honest, it’s not just about the money for me. He’s getting older and for that money it wouldn’t be good money spent. Plus, i’d never forgive him for what he did to Rafael and he’s got a face you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from punching.

  49. Jason Freeman on

    Definitely. The media has created it all and because of all the hype generated by the media across Europe. Bayern have increased his price tag continually. And very cleverly so. He’s not worth what Bayern are asking by far but by Bayern saying he’s worth more than Ronaldo means they’ll get more than they really want.

  50. good piont about ribery but if bayren win the champions leage final ribery might change his mind as lason said ireland is aunited then i think he will conme and i think he had a trial at man united when he was 14 and fergie wasnt impressed

  51. Ribery would be as big a waste of money as Veron not a United player, he doesn’t want come anyway and we don’t want him and over priced too.

    All this speculation will go on and on and on and on, however, time and time again the window comes and goes and we have let it pass by, every year I get frustrated by the lack of activity, no real quality being bought. I wouldn’t mind if we had a pipeline of youngsters to come through, does anyone know the genuine home grown youth product who became a 1st team regular? We’re talking Jonny Evans and Darron Gibson, who I wouldn’t say are regulars, before that John O’shea and Darren Fletcher only Fletcher can be called a regular 1st teamer, so over the last 10 years we have produced 1 player for our 1st team. Is this the sort of return we should be getting with the amount of investment made?

    Oh yeah and Scholes has signed a new contract! Good or bad news Reds?

  52. Just been reading these posts and lauging at some addition suggestions…. Darren Bent!!!!! lol Jeez guys we are Manchester United! and to buy Modric! noooooooooooo! they would ask 30m Spurs have greased enough from us and hes way to lightweight, doesnt score enough and has glass bones, over rated IMO theres so many better CM out there ie Milner, Hamsik, Deffour the guy from PSG Sessesgion or sommat hes some player, and of course Gourcuff any of them first. and I really believe in Cleverley as CM still not sure bout Gibson, yeh he can smack a ball but doesnt seem to do much else. Hope he improves more next season. And to suggest buying gourcuff silva Hamsik and benzema, reality check thats at least 100m and where would all our players go lol. And We went for Torres 3 yrs running he wanted to stay at A Madrid then went to Rafas Devolution. Fergie wouldnt miss a player like him.
    For next seasons additions. I only think we will sign a keeper IF Lloris becomes available otherwise EVDS has just signed new 1 yr contract. We will take Benzema IF hes 17-25m and IF hes for sale. And I think Milner will come. so 1 possibly 3 but prob 2. maybe a youngster nobodys heard of but turns out to be exiting trust in Fergie. We dont need a City type of over haul just a bit of sharpening and fine tuning.

  53. Maybe we should get rid of Fletcher too – sure he’s had his best season but does anyone believe if he had played against Barcelon last year we would have won? He has the desire and the workrate but is not good enough. Phil Neville is just as good!

  54. united’s answer to a 19th title and another champions league and fa cup is Luka MODRICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC

  55. Berba is the main reason, apart from the defensive injuries we’ve had this season why we didn’t win the league or CL.

    It’s not that he’s a bad player, he’s just not suited to the way we play the game and never will be, he would have been an amazing replacement for the king when he left in 97, but for me he needs to go and very soon.

    Can anyone argue that had Owen been fit and Berba injured we’d have lost/drawn the games without Rooney? I seriously think not!

    The main areas to address is getting some spark back into the team, bringing Benzema in alongside Rooney would be a start, Arteta in central midfield would be a very clever buy, especially if we can get Rodwell as well. In defence we certainly need another left back to cover Evra now that Fabio is out on loan for a season and most definately a new centre back, don’t get me wrong on their day Rio and Vidic are the best partnership in the world and probably in the top best CB’s in the world. Evans isn’t too far behind them, but we don’t have a reliable 4th. Wes Brown is aweful as CB, where as G.Nev and O’shea really aren’t much better.

    Then the next step is the goalie, we have one of the best in the world in Edwin, but now that Fosters gone we don’t have a reliable back up and to think he’s 40, just how long can he last?

    I read today that Fergie is looking back to getting an English core to the team and with the young guys like Milner and Rodwell linked to us, if we could get either one I’d be very happy.

  56. reliable bck up and future num1- kuszczak, thankfully the worthless flopster has gone to brum and the more potential amos has taken his place…some say we need a new gk but we dont as we have a world class stopper in tomasz who will take ova nxt yr, it was flopster that we needed rid of as he is one of the worst gk we ever had…as for a mf player, i have talent like d.silva or di maria over hype like rodwell any day.

  57. odd error, yeah if that the new phrase for several every single game. ben had no pace-agility-order-catchin or kickin ability-shot stoppin-common sense and looked afraid everytime someone got near the area to shot or cross, ben conceded easily and was at fault for several gls at first and reserve team level. kuszczak has fantastic agility-ability-pace and commands his bck line well while full of confidences when comes to brilliant saves and collectin aerial balls- future num1 me thinks.

  58. i also like people to remember how brilliant tomasz has been when ever called upon by fergie and he has never put a foot wrong, the lad is strong and brave, a class act with all the ability in the world- our great pole.

  59. I am indeed a fan of tomasz but that doesnt blur my views, the lad has earned the rights to praise and is just a fantastic world class goalkeeper and will be our number one nxt yr, BANK ON IT…..foster earned the name flopster by bein well a whimpy lil flop who couldnt do anything right…..van der sar is just a straight out legend and shall forever be remenbered as that, a great man to look up to…..the great pole will be top dog nxt year, you heard it here first.

  60. Barbatov has the ability to be one of our most creative players, could we play him as part of a 5 man midfield with Rooney up on his own? Fletcher and Carrick sitting in holding, play 4-2-3-1 with Berbatov the link giving him time and space to bring Rooney, Nani and Valencia into the game, I think this is the way he played for Spurs with Robbie Keene and Lennon running beyond him.

    If we played like that would we really need anyone else with the players we have as back up?

  61. he does play further forward, what I have said is how I would I would like to see him used “in the hole” behind the striker and infront of midfield, that way he can swan around not needing to break into a full on sprint stroking the ball around to the likes of Rooney, Nani and Valencia who can add a bit of pace to it, he’ll be like a quater-back, watching the runners and then taking his pick who to pass it to.

    The reason I say this is that he holds on to the ball better than anyone I have ever seen, giving Rooney, Nani and Valencia time to bomb on past him into the final third, he has an eye for the killer pass and is able to do something different with the ball, he has the brain of a football genius and being given this free role would allow him to express himself. It would also stop him slowing things down too much as he often does when he is used further forward, get the ball to Berba and have 3 attacked steeming forward, two holding midfielders behind Berba and we would be solid as a rock with Nani and Valencia tracking back when we didn’t have the ball.

  62. Daudi A Lembuya on

    I was watching the Brazil versus Iran last night i was really impressed by Elias Mendes Trindade born May 16, 1985, is a Brazilian football who player of Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. He is a box-to-box midfielder, who possesses good stamina, passing range and long-range shooting abilities…..superb player!…i would recommend him for our new midfield,another would be Javier Pastore,Javier Martinez.

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