What will Rio Ferdinand do next?


The papers this morning are suggesting Sir Alex Ferguson is leaning on Rio Ferdinand to bring an end to his International career. With Ferdinand recently being made England captain it further complicates the situation. As a lad it may have been Rio’s dream to Captain England. To it for only four months may not be enough for him…

Since Rio made his debut for West Ham United as a 17 year old lad he has rarely missed large chunks of a season through injury. This season Rio has only made a total of eleven appearances in all competitions. The problem with back injuries is that they can flare up at any time. You could be totally fine for months but innocently pick up a bottle of milk one morning and your back goes. Back injuries are a nightmare.

Ideally Fergie would like Rio to be injury free allowing him to play both for United and England, unfortunately I doubt Rio is capable of both now.  At 31, Rio is reaching a cross roads in his career, he will have to decide between an extended club career or continue playing for England and thereby have a shorter club career. The decision solely lies with Rio; I think it depends on what is of greater importance to Rio – Manchester United or England? Or perhaps Rio has never wanted to play into his mid-thirties so will continue to play for England.

Fergie, will no doubt point to Scholes and Giggs as examples for players extending their careers. Both are in the twilight of their career but you could be fooled by a number of high quality performances from both players this season. Both retired at a fairly early age from International Football, which allows them to have a two week break during an International weekend and probably is the main reason why both are playing well into their 30’s.

So what do you think Rio should do next?

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  1. I can’t imagine Rio playing internationally much past the world cup. He’s been coming up lame too often now and is gonna need those international breaks.

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