We Didn’t Win League but I am Proud and Positive


What on earth possessed to me think Wigan could cause an upset at Wigan? Blind faith if ever there was!

I’m proud of Manchester United this season, I really am. To compete for the title on the final day of the season is real credit to Sir Alex Ferguson, his back room staff and of course the players considering the injuries we have suffered in defensive positions.

At the height of the injury crisis we were missing not only the first choice defenders but also second choice. During games against Fulham and West Ham we were missing Ferdinand, Vidic, Evans, Brown, Neville, O’Shea, Rafael and also Van der Sar.

Surely questions should be asked of Chelsea? At the season started many of the so called experts predicted Chelsea would walk the league and United will struggle to finish in a Champions League (I guess some were desperate for United to fail…). This Chelsea team are not that special, the United team of the last three seasons would have won this league a month ago. So why has it taken the final day of the season for Chelsea to reclaim the title considering our struggles this season? Surely questions of Ancelotti should be asked? I doubt they will though…

There have been some real positives this season. Wayne Rooney has established himself as a truly World Class striker with 34 goals in 44 games in all competitions. Rooney now looks a natural striker, his movement and timing of runs is on a par with the top strikers.

Since the New Year Nani is finally starting to fulfil his potential. Nani has all the talent in the world but can be very frustrating; he is now finally learning what is required to play in a team. He is learning the subtleties of when is the correct time to pass, cross or shoot. Nani is also showing a greater appetite for work rate chasing back defenders.

Many opposition fans laughed on hearing we had signed Antonia Valencia from Wigan, however £16 million looks a cracking deal. With the departure of Ronaldo there was a huge void to fill. Valencia is not a like for like replacement, he is your traditional winger getting chalk on his boots and whipping in crosses. Having to cope with the pressure of being seen as Ronaldo’s replacement Valencia has been very impressive and will surely only improve. Seven goals and numerous assists should be his starting base for next season.

Rafael is a big positive. Throughout the season I’ve been worried about the right back spot and felt we should reinforce the position during the summer, not now though. Rafael has made strides this season which suggest he will be a top player for years. Plus he is not scared to get stuck in. Of course Rafael has made mistakes but he will learn with experience.

2009/10 season a success or failure?

Overall, I would say success to a point. This team is in transition and we’ve still competed to the bitter end. Next season we’ll be much stronger and I believe we will win the league. A slight tweaking is required rather than wholesale changes. A couple of new faces to freshen up the squad.

The victory against Aston Villa in the Carling Cup final means we have still won a trophy. The Carling Cup is probably the lowest on the list of the competitions we would want to win before the season started but it is a trophy none the less.

I really can’t wait for next season to begin already. The summer is going to be a long one…

We’ll never die, we’ll never die,
We’ll never die, we’ll never die,
We’ll keep the Red flag flying high,
‘Cos Man United will never die

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  1. Good year, but fell a little short at the end. three points at either burnley or blackburn, or a better result against west ham and fulham could have done it for us.

    To easy to blame liverpool, wigan or the ref (chelsea games) for that matter. We could still have won PL, despite all that going against us.

    I’m travelling to South-America this summer. Going away for two months. Won’t be back before August 15th and will have very limited news from PL & Utd. Hope to read lots of good news on Utd when I get back!!

  2. ya agree we should of beat burnely balackburn and ww always pick 6 pionts against ashton villa. if you rembere 2007 we canme back early to are pre season, i think the sanme has to be done this tinme. i always rembere in 2007 fergie said we have to get of to good start we did. the last 3 seasons i have nerve here fergie say that at the start of the season. i am proud of the lads manger coaching staff and fans. we to some rembuilding a leat 4 players in. and maybe one or two looks like foster of to brim best of look roll on 21o/211 season

  3. obviously i am disappointed we didn’t win the tile but the better team over the season won it, Chelsea broke records to do that too. On the other hand the fact that they have had to pull this out of the hat means that we have done extremely well in spite of the departures and injuries! A couple of quality additions an i expect another domestic and European title very very soon! We have quality youngsters and a great squad, I am very upbeat for the next season!!

  4. We took more points from the other clubs (85) whilst Chelsea only took 80. This makes us the best team in the competition. I agree we now have a match winner in Nani and we have great thrust and potential for the future. A player like Modric would be a great substitute for Carrick.

    I thought we were outstanding this year given all of the setbacks, poor decisions and injuries.

  5. @SEA

    My girlfriend and I travel to Cancun, Mexico on June 17th. We have about three weeks to explore mexico, belize, guatemala and honduras before we head to ecuador from guatemala city on july 4th. Going to Galapagos for about a week untill the 11th. Then we have a flight from quito to lima in peru. Then we are travelling through peru, seeing a lot of cities on the coast and later walking the lares trek up to machu picchu. On August 2nd we travel in to Bolivia and to La Paz. Staying there a couple of days before we have a flight to Bueons Aires, argentina. We are spending our last week or so there. And will probably take a daytrip to Iguazu Falls and montevideo in Uruguay.

    As you can see, won’t be much time to keep up to date with transfers and such.

  6. @ delegute have you the internet on your mobile phone you could keep up to date with that. thats what i use if i am away in hoildays

  7. @ SEA
    I’m from norway and have never been across the atlantic before. Can’t wait to get over there.

    Have thought about bringing my iPhone but i guess it will be a easy steal in the countrys in visiting. I’m backpacking for two months and don’t want to walk around being afraid to have my stuff stolen. Will probably just bring an old phone without and internet options.

    It will probably cost a lot to use Edge and 3G in SA also. Not sure if there is reception at galapagos and machu Picchu:)

  8. i have being reading the newspaper and they say huguain is on his way to england he has one year left of his contract at real madriad, real want to cash in on him. they want 38 million for hinm. they also say man united are favourites to get him. they roanldo has told him all about man united. personaly i would rather benzenma but huguain is not bad either if he canme to united he could be conme the best world striker he is half there. the only man make hinm the best is fergie.

  9. it depends the prem is so ouick were spaish is a bit slow. i think he will do every well cos fergie will get the best of. real madrid jiust keep change there mangers all the tinme were huguain knows ferge will be there for years to come . when does the transfer widow open man city have singed a palyer already i taught it didnt open until. who you think who will win the spainsh league, i think madrid could pull of i hope. one more thing i here liverpools jainme carrgeher will be called up to the world cup thats a jioke gary nevile has had a far better season then hinm

  10. what is capello doing putting carreher in the england souad. nevile had much better season that him. well done rio and carrick for getting in there.

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