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By Ben Davies

As we are all aware, reports in the media suggest Wayne Rooney maybe on the verge of leaving Manchester United. If I’m being honest, I believe there is an element of truth in the story. It would seem several journalists have been alerted to the story and fed the same line.

So what has happened to the man that wanted to remain at United for the remainder of his career?

The immediate thought is of Rooney’s alleged off field shenanigans – leading to the breakdown of relationship between manager and player. We can only speculate if this is true – looking in from the outside it would appear there has been some sort of fallout – highlighted with Rooney publicly contradicting his manager. Why the contradiction, I don’t know. Through this difficult time for the Rooney family, Sir Alex has tried to protect his player, claiming he is suffering with an ankle injury and has not criticised him, despite his poor form. For Rooney to state he has trained everyday shows a lack of respect in my opinion. There will only one be winner if communication between the pair has deteriorated to a point where they are not on speaking terms. Doesn’t this sound out of context to the Wayne Rooney we all love and know?

If stories are true, why is Rooney against signing a new contract? Is his hankering for a better contract? Does he believe the club is on the slide? Is Coleen in his ear? Has his head been turned by the silly money Manchester City are apparently prepared to offer? If so, can you blame him – if offered twice the money elsewhere the proposal is at least worth considering – we would. I’m trying to look objectively rather than a Man United fan. How would you feel if he moved across to the blue half of Manchester?

What about the other side of the coin – is there the thought Sir Alex and Manchester United want rid? This is not necessarily my view, but perhaps a point worth discussing. Is Rooney past his peak – have we seen the best of him? Similar to Michael Owen, Rooney started playing football at a very young age – the former Liverpool striker has had a catalogue of injuries, which has blighted the latter stages of his career. Could the same apply to Rooney – is his career expectancy less than a Ryan Giggs? Does Sir Alex feel the injuries Wayne has suffered have taken their toll therefore we won’t see Rooney of old? Jaap Stam is similar scenario; the Dutchman was sold when he had lost a yard of pace, though Fergie later admitted this was a mistake. Has Sir Alex become fed up with the media attention Rooney receives, in a situation comparable to David Beckham? I don’t think this is the case to be honest.

Can we cope without Rooney? Of course we can, but obviously we’d rather him in our team – we all know his ability and what he brings to the table, he has been the heartbeat of our team. However, if he goes, he goes… Manchester United are bigger than any one person, including Sir Alex. We have lost important/great players in the past – Ronaldo, Beckham and Cantona to name a few. Sir Alex has built several squads/teams and maintained our position amongst the elite. However, the task is likely to be more difficult this time around with Giggs, Scholes, Neville and Van der Sar all potentially retiring next summer. Will Sir Alex be allowed the money to reinforce the squad or/and does he have the time?

Even if Sir Alex denies this story during his press conference (prior the Bursaspor), the saga has some way yet to run. Speculation will only stop once Rooney signs a new contract… Will Rooney leave? I honestly don’t know, hopefully not, hopefully he resigns.

If you wish to discuss this issue further with myself or other members of the Stretford End Arising community, you can do so in the Stretford End Arising forum

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  1. Ever since the well known events in his personal life arose, Wayne Rooney has changed so much in my eyes. I didn’t judge him too much on his private issues, it’s not my place to do so. I believed he would play through this whole mess and regain his reputation, though his form didn’t let this happen. But this isn’t what has altered my view on Rooney, but his recent lack of respect not only for Sir Alex, but to United and the fans.

    Sir Alex has done nothing but defend Rooney, trying to take him out of the limelight, giving the believable excuse of an ankle injury. However, this has completely backfired and with no help from Rooney.

    I don’t want Rooney to leave, he is a world-class player and I’m sure with a run of games, he’ll be able to capture the form of last season, but if he is going to mope around, looking for a £150k+ a week contract, I wouldn’t want him playing, especially with decent, hard-working characters such as Hernandez, Berbatov and most notably Nani waiting in the wings.

    I’m sure City will throw their money and United and Rooney, hoping for a deal and I’m also sure that the Glazers will want part of a hefty transfer fee. If Rooney leaves, United will do fine, even in this season (with strikers not be a problem for us so far) and we’ll rebuild.

    As always I’ll trust in the decisons of Sir Alex and know that nobody is bigger than United.

  2. Good points Ben. I agree.

    He had a wonderful goalscoring season last time around, but I honestly can’t think of a game when he did something that got us all off our seats in awe. Ronaldo did. Rooney scored but a header here and there etc doesn’t make him world class. When did he score from outside the box? When did he beat several players before slamming one in?

    He’s become a Van Nistelroy for us. We need someone else now. He wants out. let him go. Dissapointed, but honestly I was always a firm believer that Ronaldo and not Rooney was United’s heartbeat and we will miss Ronaldo’s flair a long time after Rooney’s name is forgotten.

    More worrying for me is the financial aspect. Personally i think a deal is done. City or real and my gut says City. Hate it but i think they will offer incredibly amounts to get him despite the contract issue. Buying out his contract 4 city looks bleak to us and great to him but he’d bring hell on Colleen who you assume is his prime interest right now.

    Can anyone answer something for me? When do United clear the debts? I thought it was 2015 or 2017 or something like that? Any ideas?

  3. not all doom and gloom then. 6 years time we will be able to outspend everyone else, earning £80-100m a season excluding player sales! lol. if we can keep hold of…. erm, to be honest we can sell everyone else as well. I think that this is our weekest starting eleven and the only one 100% worth keeping is now wanting out!

    It’s like a mortgage. just close the eyes to the money issue, keep making the payments, and we’ll soon be out of debt and owners of our very own house/stadium and we can then spend our money on a fancy new car or posh hols abroad, to Dubai 🙁 Six years will fly by, just wish the flying was quicker!!

  4. Apologies – forgot about Evra. Excluding Rooney, he is the only one worth fighting for. Vidic’s form is so-so, evans too!

  5. It looks like he’s defo going and I can understand you guys trying to be positive but it will be a big, big loss, particularly if he goes to city, one of the worst days in the club’s history.

    I beleve the financial sitation is extremely bad and I think Rooney knows it too. He’s been waiting for some big name signings since Ronaldo left but the’ve all gone to City. If we don’t keep winning trophies and getting in the CL every year we’d be in big trouble covering the interest payents alone, never mind the rpincipal. I think if fergie doesn’t bring some major reinforcements in we’re heading the same way as Liverpool. I reckon investers are waiting for United to drop down the table before trying to get the club at a reasonable price. It seems like that’s the only thing that will get rid of the Glazers. so it will be for the best in the long run.

    Never mind 6 years before the debt is paid off, it could easily be that long before we challenge for the tiltle, again unless fergie starts spending some of the £100+ million him and Gill keep talking about, plus the Rooney money. I don’t believe that money is there by the way and it seems neither does Rooney, he wants off the sinking ship.

    I really hope I’m wrong!

  6. I can…..not wait for the game tonight! The players in the squad tonight will answer what we Manchester United as a club are made of! make us proud guys! i am already tired of everything that has transpired in the last day or two!
    Keep the flag flying high!

  7. if only we signed mesut ozil or van der vart rooney be still here. who fergie talking about tired to signed i think is david villa. o why o why like he was nevere going to conming and thats a fact. several reasons. fergie said he nevere would conme anyway. united said there were intersted jiust to keep fans happy. like we beilve we tired to sign him. but never stood a chance what was the piont of going in for him them. united are liers. fergie is not a lier but he is forced to say these thing buy man united officals what a stupid statenment to make we tired to sign a player , conme on fergie tell the truth

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