VIEW FROM THE PENSIONERS: Noisy Neighbours to struggle, Joe Cole And More


With Manchester United facing Chelsea in Sunday’s Community Shield, who better to ask for their thoughts and feelings on the forthcoming season than the author of The Chelsea Blog.

Stretford End Arising: Thoughts on Community Shield?

The Chelsea Blog: Comparing our pre-season form, I’ve got a feeling I’ll have my head in my hands way before the final whistle.

SEA: To date Chelsea have been quiet in the transfer market this summer. What are your thoughts on the potential signing of Ramires?

TCB: Obviously I’d have preferred to see Chelsea sign Torres and Aguero but I’m going to have to trust Carlo Ancelotti on this one. Ramires looks good and I definitely approve of his age although adding to our English numbers might have been helpful.

SEA: The return of Essien like a new signing?

TCB: I certainly hope so and that’s how it panned out after his previous injury – so if we can keep him away from internationals we’ll be sorted!

SEA: Joe Cole and Yossi Benayoun exchange. Who got the better deal?

TCB: I guess we’ll see won’t we? Let’s be honest, the assumption is that Benayoun will sit on the bench – so if he does that, then we’ve swapped like for like. I loved Cole (well, before he signed for them anyway!) but wanting him to stay at Chelsea was sentimental. He hadn’t done the job for us since his injury so despite being disgusted he chose Liverpool; in reality he was ready for a move. Will he be successful there? Well, it’s their year innit? lol

SEA: Ha ha. Chelsea’s form has been poor during pre-season – are you concerned by this?

TCB: Wouldn’t you be?!

SEA: Ha ha. With the vast amounts of money Manchester City have spent – are they title rivals this season? Who is your tip to win the Premier League this season? Is the title race between Man United and Chelsea?

TCB: They’d like to think that all it takes is money but I think we’re a shining example that it takes more than that alone. Mancini is no Jose Mourinho and he is going to struggle with so many mercenaries in one dressing room when his ego outweighs theirs. So no, for me they’re not title rivals.

As for who will take the title – ask me in April!

SEA: With several experienced players leaving during the summer, is Chelsea’s squad looking bare? Are younger players capable of stepping up to the required level?

TCB: Realistically, players that left aren’t players who’d have featured a great deal this season anyway so really, it’s just numbers (and salaries) we’re down on. I would’ve liked to see us add more than just the two players but then there wouldn’t be any room to accommodate our younger players anyway. Whether the younger players are ready to make that step-up or not, I think the potential’s there for a few of them as long as it’s done carefully.

I think we’re in a position now where we really don’t have a choice but to start bringing these players through and if that means we have to go through a transitional period where we fall off the pace a bit until we have an established younger side, then maybe we’ll have to make that short-term sacrifice for longer-term gains.

SEA: Thank you TCB. I won’t wish you all the best for the forthcoming season 🙂

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