VIEW FROM THE PENSIONERS: Chelsea Fan on John Terry and More


With the title race to be decided on Sunday who better to ask for their thoughts and feelings on the season than the author of The Chelsea Blog)

1) Can Wigan really cause an upset on Sunday?

Of course they can. They’ve already beaten us once this season (pretty convincingly) and at the time I suspected it was largely down to our complacency. We need a win and the fact that everyone seems to assume that win is a foregone conclusion could work against the players mentally. It’s not as if there’s any pressure on Wigan to do anything except go out there and enjoy the final game either – the pressure’s all on us.

2) Carlo Ancelotti’s first season at Stamford Bridge?

Well there’s a couple of schools of thought on this, both inside and outside Stamford Bridge. I know some United supporters will suggest he just got lucky because of your defensive injuries and the fact that made you weaker opposition than usual. There are a few Chelsea supporters who’ll point to our Champions League exit and the odd defeat in the league as well.

Of course the other side to that is that he has come into the most difficult league in the world, taken on an ageing side without the money available to previous managers and not only got us on the verge of a double but also got us playing the sort of football that doesn’t make you want to scratch your eyes out.

Personally, I think he’s done a pretty good job for a first season but next season will be a much tougher test.

3) What affect has John Terry’s off field activities had on Chelsea this season?

Didier Drogba would have you believe it made the players pull together as a team. I’m not sure how many people actually buy that theory though and I’m not one of them. Both on and off the field, his inability to keep his dick in his trousers caused us a lot of embarrassment and could have ended up costing us a lot more.

4) Chelsea’s player of the season?

Well Drogba was named our player of the season and he’s definitely been on a flier although I’d probably go for our Player’s player of the season – Florent Malouda. For me, he’s consistently improved over the course of the season, constantly upping his game and contribution to the team as a whole. Even in our poorer games, for example Inter (ouch), Malouda was the one player noted to keep putting in the effort.

5) Which young player is worth keeping an eye on for the future?

Having just won the FA Youth Cup for the first time since 1961, it looks as if Roman’s investment in our young players is finally starting to pay off. There certainly seems to be plenty to choose from in Fabio Borini, Jeffrey Bruma, Jack Cork, captain Conor Clifford and one of my personal favourites Gael Kakuta. The one prospect really being talked up as a first team contender in the near future is 17 year old attacking midfielder Josh McEachran.

6) Is Joe Cole likely to leave Chelsea in the summer?

Who knows? Half of me thinks it’s inevitable seeing as his contract negotiations have come to nothing all season and his form has been pretty off for him. The sentimental half of me hopes Chelsea come up with something he’s happy enough with to stay.

7) If Chelsea are to win this season’s Premier League title where does it rate compared to the other two Premier League titles Chelsea have won?

Again, there’ll be those who point to a lack of competition meaning this year’s title is less significant somehow and obviously Mourinho’s back-to-back titles coming after 50 years were pretty bloody great. Somehow though because of the sheer amount of money spent in the lead up to those, with all the talk being around us ‘buying’ the titles, they felt like hollow victories. So for me, having not thrown ridiculous sums around on transfers – and in truth, really not expecting to be in this position – winning the title this season would probably give me much more satisfaction.

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