(Video) Rafael’s Goal Celebration against Spurs. Great Stuff.


Was Rafael the most relieved man in Old Trafford yesterday? I think so! 🙂

Rafael’s reaction was superb! The reaction would suggest Rafael felt partly responsible for the goal conceded. It would be fair to say Rafael should have remained on the goal line allowing him to clear Ledley King’s header.

You sense the reaction was a result of pent up frustration and relief. This was Rafael’s first match since the sending off against Bayern – the last thing Rafael wanted in his first game back is an error by himself to further damage United’s season.

What is it with our right backs and passion? Gary Neville has schooled him well. Good man Rafael! 🙂

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  1. Avatar

    dont blanme the lad at all i balnme john o shea it was his left hand post left side should stick to left hand rapheal should be on the right side . looking forward to stoke ganme could we be nearly champions today if stoke draw all we have to do then is win are last two ganmes

  2. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Not sure about that to be honest Brian. Rafael was on the and should have remained there.

    I’m looking forward to Stoke game also. Just hoping Stoke score first.

  3. Avatar
    Jason Freeman on

    I’m glad Rafa is making these mistakes in a way. If he wasn’t making them he wouldn’t learn or get better.

    What time’s the Stoke game on?

  4. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Agree regarding Rafael. Every player makes mistakes but once he irons out the schoolboy errors he will be some player.

    4pm kick off, Jason.

  5. Avatar

    @ stretford do you think nani could be better than roanldo. i think he score hard goals thans roanldo. when he was here he to score some easy goals for excample arseanl away flick the bal over two players took on trid player dinked it over the keeper all right keeper got a toch but it still went in even the bayern ganme made a late run velencia wiped the ball in nani canme i in flicked the ball in to the net. i think he has to improve his free kicks and score more goals and pratcie more coners and then i think he wii be better than roanldo. so my message to madraid keep your hands of our wonder kid

  6. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Personally, think Nani will have to go some to be even considered on a par with Ronaldo. Ronaldo scored some great goals during his time at United. The goal against Porto, the header against Roma and the break away goal against Arsenal in semi of Champs League spring to mind.

    I cant see Nani being better or on a par with Ronaldo to be honest. Ronaldo has been consistently good for four years now while Nani has only performed well for a couple of months. Nani will be a good player for us, just not as good as Ronaldo but there is no shame in that.

  7. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    now 2-0, Brian. Cant beleive i’m gonna say this but I’m glad Liverpool are beating Burnley ha ha the scousers could have a slim chance of finishing fourth.

  8. Avatar

    its going to be a nervous weakned and its all one the one sunday isnt sunday supose to be a rest day my heart will pumping all day until 6 o colock next sunday come on liverpool

  9. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    ha ha ha

    my heart was pounding while watching Chelsea v Stoke match. I’ve stopped watching now.

    Chelsea have the early kick off next Sunday so we’ll be the team under the pressure. This time next week we’ll know if we can win the league. I doubt Wigan will beat Chelsea…

  10. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    do you honestly not know final score, Brian? Finished 7-0 to Chelsea.

    Stoke rolled over for Chelsea, you wait until we play Stoke they will up thier performance as if they are in title race.

  11. Avatar

    no i couldnt watch anymore . suopse i should have checked anyway. gerrad is great friends with rooney more than terry so i hope rooney puts good word to gerrad

  12. Avatar
    Stretford End Arising on

    Chelsea could be Gerrards last game at Anfield. Lets hope he wants t put in one big performance in fromt of kop. Am I clutching on to straws?

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