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Seeing as this is a FA Cup weekend and we have no fixture I‘ve decided to take a closer look at the title run in. Perhaps I was a tad heisty in a previous blog suggesting Arsenal are out of the title race, although I believe Arsenal to be a firm outsider of the three. Rather than look at the complete remaining fixtures, I will analyse the next six league games for Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal.

United’s Fixtures

Sat 20th Feb     Everton (away)

Tues 23rd Feb   West Ham (home)

Sat 6th March      Wolves (away)

Sun 14th March  Fulham (home)

Sun 21st March   Liverpool (home)

Sat 27th March   Bolton (away)

The games against the Merseyside teams seemingly look the toughest of our next six fixtures. Everton, similar to us have been really unfortunate with injuries this season. Their injured players have started to return which has seen a return to form and steady rise up the table.

Liverpool, well are Liverpool. I don’t really need to explain the importance of this game to any United fan. As my Liverpool fan mates like to keep reminding they have a good record over the last two seasons against us. In my pre-match blog against Aston Villa I described the game as not seeking revenge for our defeat in December; against Liverpool however it is different. I’m desperate for us to beat Liverpool so I can have full bragging rights over the Liverpool fans I know 🙂

You’d expect us to beat West Ham and Wolves, although Wolves may be tougher than first thought. The Wolves team may be more up for the match after the controversy caused by Mick Mcarthey’s team selection against us earlier in the season.

Fulham will be tough but at home I’d expect us to win.

My prediction: 16 points out of 18.

Chelsea’s Fixtures

Sat 20th Feb         Wolves (away)

Sat 27th Feb         Man City (home)

Sat 6th March      Portsmouth (away)

Sat 13th March   West Ham (home)

Sun 21st March  Blackburn (away)

Sat 27th March   Aston Villa (home)

Chelsea possibly have an easier than United next set of fixtures. There are a few interesting fixtures – City, Blackburn and Aston Villa.

City are now capable of competing against the bigger teams so this will be a tough fixture for Chelsea. This fixture now has added spice since recent events involving John Terry and Wayne Bridge.  I expect the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge to be explosive, a number of City players have firmly stuck their colours to the mast after the “Team Bridge” t-shirts and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a sending off or two. Chelsea could well easily lose this match.

Blackburn I hear you say? Why is this fixture considered interesting? Well, Chelsea have lost four away games this season, three of which have come against North-West opposition. You’d expect Chelsea to win, but you never now…

Aston Villa as we have recently witnessed are a tough team to crack, their defence is superb. When this fixture is played the league season will be deep into the home straight and Villa will be desperate for points when fourth spot up for grabs.

My prediction: 14 points out of 18.

Arsenal Fixtures

Sat 20thFeb          Sunderland (home)

Sat 27th Feb         Stoke (away)

Sat 6th March      Burnley (home)

Sat 13th March   Hull (away)

Sat 20th March   West Ham (home)

Sat 27th March   Birmingham (away)

Arsenal in the next set of fixtures play what is considered bottom half of the table teams. Stoke and Birmingham (both away) are their toughest games in my opinion, with Arsenal recently losing to Stoke in the FA cup also at the Britannia stadium. In the past and in this present season, Arsenal have struggled with teams that are physical which these two teams can be, definitely Stoke anyway.

Hull may be slightly tricky but I’d expect Arsenal to win. I’d expect Arsenal to win their other fixtures.

My prediction: 14 points out of 18.

League table Prediction

  1. United: played 32, 73 points
  2. Chelsea: played 32, 72 points
  3. Arsenal: played 32, 66 points

Perhaps heart has ruled the head with my United predictions – we will see…

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  1. Nice compilation man!!
    Yup, cant agree more..Merseyside duos will be the toughest!! n Fulham and Bolton should be tricky irrespective of Home or Away considerations!
    United have the toughest fixtures of the 3, but is United in which we BELIEVE!!
    I hope your league table predictions come true!

    • Stretford End Arising on

      cheers mate for compliment. Agree, Bolton will be tricky. Will be interesting to look back at this blog in six games time to see if i’m correct or very badly wrong ha ha.

      we do believe in United ha ha

  2. as you said arsenal is certainly the outsider of big three..but the the oppositions they got after the win against kops certainly will make arsene confident of the title race.talking about chelsea,they got a relatively easy draws even though city and villa make a good contest out of it.but you have to expect chelsea gaining maximum of 15 points out of these matches..so that’ll make our run a little hard considering two merseyside teams we have to face during this course:( hope we can catch all the points in our way and our rivals will drop some against the likes of city,villa and brum

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