WSL Championship vs London Bee's


Mar 22, 2017
5-0 win today.

After everyone has played 2 it's looking like a formality. The team in second are Lewes also got 5 points but 5 scored as oppose to the 15 we've got. (Just realised the table was out of date and these were the third round of games and we're on 20 goals after 3 with 0 conceded)

Interestingly for me Lewes is captained by McIntyre. I used to play in the same team as her when we were growing up. She was the only girl in the side and was always one of us every lunch time and after school I've not spoke to her in about 5 years but still have her on FB. I live 45 mins from the Lewes ground so might get down there when the Manchester Women visit.

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