World Cup 2022 Day 7: Tunisia v Australia; Poland v Saudi Arabia; France v Denmark; Argentina v Mexico

Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
Group D: Tunisia v Australia, 10am
Group C: Poland v Saudi Arabia, 1pm
Group D: France v Denmark, 4pm
Group C: Argentina v Mexico, 7pm
Argentina v Mexico could be a classic, it's not a great Mexican side, far from it, but there's not a side, even Brazil or Uruguay that will want to beat the Argies more. There's serious bad blood there. But think ultimately that will play into Argentina's hands. Expecting a couple of red cards with our own Martinez a possible recipient.
Lee Dixon filling the miserable co comms void left by Mark Lawrenson at this World Cup.

For a man being paid a tidy sum to watch a football match he makes it sound like a punishment.
Bit of Messi magic keeps them alive.

Mexico look a bit like USA hard to breakdown but no real threat going forward.

Argentina haven’t been good but the star man got a tiny bit of space and he buried the shot.
If Ochoa was a bit younger and more agile or perhaps a bit taller, Argentina are in real trouble. I think a better keeper gets to both of those and pushes them around the post.

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