World Cup 2022 Day 4: Morocco v Croatia; Germany v Japan; Spain v Costa Rica; Belgium v Canada

Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
Morocco v Croatia, 10am
Germany v Japan, 1pm
Spain v Costa Rica, 4pm
Belgium v Canada, 7pm
Think we'll see the eventual winners play their first game today.
Are Japan a bit of a dark horse?

Quite a few of their players have come over to Europe recently the ones at Celtic always looked to good for that league when I've seen them play.

2 big shocks in two days.
They said 8 play in Germany and something like 16 or 18 play in Europe
You wonder if the success of Kagawa 10 years ago with Dortmund meant the scouts of German sides starting paying a bit closer attention to players from Japan.

Spain laying down a marker here against Costa Rica, my tip to win the tournament although I didn't realise they still played Busquets. The better sides will expose him in later rounds if he's still being picked.
Spain have been absolutely ruthless and have been very very impressive, albeit against a poor Costa Rican side.
Enjoyed watching Canada play and if they were a little more clinical they could have won that game. Belgium looked very poor indeed.
Certainly didn't see the Germany result coming, but like Argentina, its the next match that will determine their fate. Stutter again and it could be curtains. Win and they're right back in the thick of it.

Canada coulda, shoulda, woulda won if they coulda, shoulda, woulda score. They were the better side though.

I don't like Spain. I don't like the way they play. I don't like seeing it being successful. I don't want them to do well. Hopefully they crash and burn when they face a real side.

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