World Cup 2022 Day 3: Argentina v Saudi Arabia; Mexico v Poland; Denmark v Tunisia; France v Australia

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May 8, 2011
Group C: Argentina v Saudi Arabia, 10am
Group C: Mexico v Poland, 4pm

Group D: Denmark v Tunisia, 1pm
Group D: France v Australia, 7pm
4 games today what do people think the total added time will be?

Seems FIFA are really clamping down on the time wasting this tournament with loads of time being added on for stoppages.

Is it though?

If I waste time all game then the opponent scores after 89 minutes should I then get all that time I wasted back to try and score an equaliser?

I'd rather see the refs get a proper grip on it as it's happening and start dishing out the cards early to stop it as what it really impacts is the flow of the game. I actually think a restart clock would help more than the game being done on a stop start time limit.
Could have our first shock on the cards Saudi Arabia are 2-1 up on Argentina.
Argentina were on a long unbeaten run as well hadn't lost in something like 30 games before today.

A huge upset.

I didn't see it but the general impression seems to be Argentina were awful second half.
  • Argentina were caught offside more times in the first-half(think it was 8) than they were in the entirety of their last World Cup.
  • The last three teams to beat Argentina in a World Cup match went on to the final, with two of them winning it.
  • Argentina unbeaten for 36 matches over 3 years beaten by a team outside the top 50 in the FIFA rankings. The Saudis were 51st.
Certainly will have to go down in the conversation about one of the biggest upsets in world cup history.

Just thinking in my lifetime France losing to Senegal in the opening game in 2002 is probably the biggest shock in terms of an underdog win.
Argentina we're disappointing. Messi was pretty quiet, Di Maria was wasteful and Martinez up front was poor.

The Saudi finishes we're good, but you'd be unhappy with the defending if your team conceded them.
I see Mejbri came on for the last 10 minutes. How did he do?
I see Rabiot came through when his nation needed him the most. SIGN HIM NOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!

Too bad France righted their ship. I was hoping they'd go out before they got tempted into playing Varane who will almost certainly injure himself again.
Dembele and Mbappe ripped Australia apart.

Better sides will cause them a lot more problems at the back though.

They look a quarter final team to me.
Dembele and Mbappe ripped Australia apart.

Better sides will cause them a lot more problems at the back though.

They look a quarter final team to me.
A very dangerous side especially in knockouts though. They could be having a stinker but Mbappe or Dembele can produce moments of brilliance. They definitely need Varane back in the heart of their defence.

Still one of the couple of favourites for the title in my opinion.
A tad harsh. They can tighten up at the back, but can you stop them scoring?

Lloris is a liability amazed he’s still their number.

it only takes 1 off day for your attackers to go out.

I think to win it you need to grind out a 1-0 win along the way against a decent opponent I just can’t see France doing that.

I see the same problem for England as the tournament goes on.
Credit to the Aussies they stuck at it, on another day, and if Paul Pogba had been playing they might have won.

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