World Cup 2022 Day 2: Senegal v Netherlands; USA v Wales

Just started watching Senegal-Holland. Currently 0-0. Who has had the better of the game? Has it been a good match so far?
First half was decent enough. Second half was awful. Holland have stolen one there. They looked rubbish.
Gakpo scored the winner. How was his overall performance?

Nothing to shout about. Underwhelming is anything. I don't see it about him don't think he'd thrive in the Prem. His team mate Xavi Simons though looks a baller.
Gakpo was pretty underwhelming apart from his smartly taken total. Holland weren’t particularly great as a whole and can’t see them really going too far in the tournament - potentially will make the knockouts but probably no further.
Wales were terrible first half but I'm encouraged by second half, Keifer Moore made huge difference...hoping for win against Iran and a draw against England....both sets of supporters in Wales v USA game provided a bit of an atmosphere which has been lacking in tournament so far....been a bit soulless in my opinion and very sterile.
Didn't see the whole game but the USA looked much the better side first half full of energy and probably should have put Wales away in that first half.

Great result for England though gives us control of the group going into the USA game.
Impressed with how MCKENNIE and ADAMS performed their defensive midfield duties especially in the first-half, there was no real connect between the two, it was almost as though they were given one side of the pitch each to defend and were that confident in each others ability to do their jobs they never needed to cover each other. Stick AARONSON in there with them and I doubt you'll see a more talented midfield trio at this World Cup. Just a pity two of them play for Leeds United.
what the pundits said was, James is there for his pace and to attack teams, but if you can't get the ball he's pointless.

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