World Cup 2022: Brazil

Good job they’ve got a couple of brilliant keepers because that defence is bobbins
Could argue the Brazilian midfield maestro was gone in 94 and it won’t be coming back anytime soon. The flair now comes from the front 3 and in this side it’s Paqueta in the midfield who is the guy who provides the creative passing.
I think it's partly down to the change in the way the game is now played. The change in the back pass rule, modification of the offside rule, larger squads and the huge advances in physical conditioning of the players means the space for these players to thrive just doesn't exist on the pitch anymore. The game is now condensed into a small space so really the only place to get space and time on the pitch now is out wide.

You look at the playmakers of the last 10 years in Europe players like KDB and Modric are not only technically superb but they are incredibly hard working with a lot of defensive responsiblity. You just can't carry a player anymore in modern football. In a lot of ways the game has become so much more team focused than it maybe was in the 80's where 1 player could make a huge difference to a side. You still need talented players to win but what really makes the difference now is the collective function of that group.

You don't really find them in top teams anymore but you do sort of find them in the middle tier of teams. Players like Grealish (Villa) and Maddison (Leicester) I think are good examples in recent years, could even say Bruno under Ole.

Brazil kind of carry Neymar as a false 9 now with Vinicious and Richarlison wide providing the work rate that he sometimes lacks. Really it's down to the front 3 and Paqueta to create the chances for goals the rest of the team is just their to stop the opponent.

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