Where will/should Memphis play?

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Jul 13, 2010
So far we have seen him used behind the striker despite him having signed for us based on his performances from the left last season. Will he start the season there or will we move him back to the left?
I'm not completely convinced yet he's a #10, although he does add a lot of energy and drive in central areas. I'd like to see Depay on the left, with Herrera behind the striker and hopefully Pedro on the right in a 4-2-3-1. I prefer Herrera at 10 over Mata, as he would also provide energy and drive in central areas and Depay-Herrera-Pedro can easily switch to 4-3-3. Pedro in front of the right back would see the same combination play between full back and wide midfielder on the right as we see on the left, which don't see at moment with Mata, due to his tendency to drift inside.

Van Gaal's comments would suggest we'll see more of Depay at 10:
On Memphis Depay and Wayne Rooney linking up: “Yes I think they try to do their utmost best to look for each other and sometimes I think too much. It should be better when we have a wider orientation, but I think they were always a threat and that is very important. I think Barcelona could not cope with the threat of Depay and Rooney, but I have to say that Adnan Januzaj was also a big threat for them in the 30 minutes that he played as a striker. That is good to see.”
I don't think he's really playing as a #10, looks more of a second striker. As i've said on Januzaj, prefer to see him on left at the minute but can certainly play through the middle in future. Van Persie's development a good example. Let's not forget that Depay was used as a striker under Van Gaal in the World Cup last year. Think he knows whether Depay has the qualities to play upfront.
I hope he gets put out left sometime soon, we won't get the best of him through the middle.

Get him out wide and running into space.
I'd also like to see what he can do on the left, whether as a winger or inside forward, where he will have more space and time to show off his qualities. We could see the change with the arrival of Pedro and/or a new forward. He doesn't strike me as someone who is a '10' or a second striker, although I haven't seen enough of him to state that with confidence. Time will tell, I guess. Both roles are tough for a young player in a new league.
I'd like to see him on the left for now too but I think people are reading too much into the players' performance on Saturday. Don't think any of the players had played 90 mins in pre-season and last friendly was 9-10 days ago. Fitness/sharpness not there. Just watched the game and was expecting worse given the comments i've read.
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In terms of Memphis' place in the line-up, he stated: "I prefer that position to be more a second striker than a third midfielder. I want to see Memphis in that role, of course.

The problem is we have a gap between Carrick, Schneiderlein and Depay.
Interesting point you make there, mentioned during the tour that I thought Carrick was playing as the more advanced of the 2 holding players but on Saturday I thought he and Schneiderlin were both deep. Perhaps this is where Schweinsteiger will come in to things, as more of a shuttling midfielder.
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should play wide, not good enough as a passer to play no. 10 but could also end up as a striker...
For me I'm actually seeing a bit of a striker in his performances. His finishing will need work but I think that may be his position in England.

He's quick but not quick enough to trouble the generally quick full backs we've got. But I think he would be to trouble a lot of centre halves.

But he's big and strong and can handle himself.

Don't get me wrong I don't see him ever being prolific but he's got an eye for goal. On form he can be lethal. But this whole cutting in from the left thing isn't working. Too often he cuts inside and blazes miles wide or over (or both come to think of it :)).

Last night he set up a great chance for young Keane by holding the ball up and waiting for the right moment to play him in.
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