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Roma - 26/7/2014

Brilliant goal and assist for Mata's goal. First touch was indifferent at times.
Inter Milan - 30/7/2014

Looks sharp. Best shape he's been in for a while at this stage of pre-season. Looks ready to hit the ground running. I don't think van Persie will be in as good a shape as him come first game. Think it's quite possible that Rooney and Welbeck start first game if we go 3-4-1-2.
Liverpool - 5/8/2014

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Swansea City - 16/8/2014

Apart from the goal he added naff all.
Don't know if anyone else thought this but felt like he was trying to win the game himself. Van Gaal said after the game that we didn't play like a team. Rooney wasn't the only one but it's something I noticed with him in particular, even early on in the game where he took a shot on from range, did it a few times, they were tame efforts. Also the free kick that hit the post, fair enough he nearly scored and has scored free kicks in the past obviously but usually Mata would take those as he's left footed. Desire is there to win just needs to use his head a bit more and know his limits, trust your team mates.
Sunderland - 24/8/2014

Captain fantastic led by example because everybody else decided poor touches and shit passing was the way to go.
He has been pretty woeful in both games so far. No real pace and mobility up top until welbeck came on
It'll be Rooney or van Persie upfront next week and Rooney or Mata as the '10'. Mata or Januzaj on the right too. They don't work well as a 2 or a 3 (incl. Mata). They need to be split up, looks good on paper but it just isn't working. 3 top class players individually but as a collective they're not working together well. Maybe in time they might work well together. The midfield situation doesn't help matters. We looked more threatening once Welbeck came on and added pace. Gets us pressing high up too.
Burnley - 30/8/2014

Complete rubbish, too slow and crap passing.
Rooney and rvp are not a good partnership. Not enough pace. I suspect and some point something will have to give.
Said it last week. Along with Mata, they're just all too similar and not quick enough. Welbeck improved things again but not enough and too late.
I thought he was okayish, possibly one of our better players, which admittedly isn't saying a great deal. There's little he can do when defenders are playing long balls and midfield is non-existent.
Qpr - 14/9/2014

He looked good. But still feel he holds up play a bit
Mata better than him at 10. Did well when he was further forward. Linking up well with Di Maria. More to come from him and others.
Leicester City - 21/9/2014

I prefer him upfront to playing '10'. Needs to improve in his role as captain. I think others need to step up as leaders too though. Making mistakes yourself in the build up to goal(s) and shouting at your team mates is not the way forward.
I thought the outburst was a reaction to the defending in the previous ten minutes rather than the incident that led to the third goal. I was pleased by the rollicking; it was Keane and Schmeichel like.

He played well at 10 for the most part. His performance justified van Gaal's selection.
Not a fan of playing 3 strikers whose all best positions are up top, they would all benefit from being the main man upfront. I don't like him as captain but I don't really have any opinions on him when he bollocked whoever it was.
Still has pace.

West Ham United - 27/9/2014

Saw the following stats elsewhere.

Since Aguero joined City in August 2011:

- 93 games/6,482 minutes
- 56 goals
- 23 assists
- Goal/assist every 82 minutes

- 96 games/7,799 minutes
- 59 goals
- 32 assists
- Goal/assist every 85 minutes

Quite the record for Rooney, considering he's played in a team with a weaker midfield and misfiring wingers.
Good stats for both but they really do only tell half the story. A source for the stats would be good also as Rooney doesn't have that many assists in the league.
Rooney has 32 assists and Aguero has 23, according to the Official Premier League Fantasy Football site, but I'm not sure what they class as an assist. Rooney has 26 assists and Aguero has 16, according to, which is likely to be accurate.
Manchester City - 2/11/2014

Few poor passes early on but improved as game went on. Lovely run forward with the ball in 2nd half, proper old school Rooney that was... why didn't he shoot though?! Expect more in future but considering it was his first game for us in a while, he was very good, usually needs a few games to get going.
Yeah, shaky start, but very good in the second half, I thought. Why on earth he didn't shoot, I don't know.
It was Rooney at his best that run. Thought he lead the side better than before too, maybe something he's worked on while suspended. There were a few times when he spoke to the ref where usually he'd be screaming, a lot calmer today, with his team mates too.
We are a different team with Rooney, thought he was very good. His work rate was exceptional. We don't have many leaders in this squad so he's very important. His attitude to the captaincy has impressed me this season and he looks like he's relishing the added responsibility.
The only reason I can think as to why he didn't shoot was that Demichelis was running towards him and expected to continue his run so thought he could cut back in from where he was coming from but Demichelis stopped his run earlier so he couldn't.
The ball on 48 minutes he gave away was unbelievable he kicked it absolutely anywhere so long as he didn't have the ball. He's never a midfielder.
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