I think it's been a good window we've strengthened the areas that desperately needed it, the cherry on the top would've been a big goal scoring wide player like a Bale or a Sanchez but I'm happy to put some faith in Martial for this season and save whatever money we had there for next summer to buy Griezmann.

Still think there's a lot of work to do to get us right back to the very top but we're moving back in the right direction. There are still a few of what I consider to be fairly average players at the club who could be easily upgraded, but you can't do everything in a summer. It's also difficult to move Utd players on and when I say the top I mean competiting not just for a league title but also for Champions League every year. Guys like Young, Fellaini, Lingard, Smalling, Blind & Darmian just aren't going to cut it at that very top level not saying they all need to go now but over the next 2 years they're probably the ones getting phased out.

Nice mix of youth in Lindelof & Lukaku and experience in Matic and Ibra staying on, they all seem to be guys that suit the Mourinho style seems like he feels he needs to take a bit more time with Lindelof to get him up to speed whereas Matic/Lukaku are ready to go straight in.

I'm not 100% we can win the league with this squad but I'm confident we can put up a much better challenge than last season.
Good window for me. We got our targets and got them relatively early. Also we didn't get taken to the cleaners on our deals compared to maybe £40m for Oxlade Chamberlain.
Good window.

Lukaku and Matic look excellent buys. Chelsea messed up there.

Ibra's influence should be helpful as the season gets into the business end of things.

Lindelof needs to prove himself. But at least we've got decent specialist CB cover.
Think Jose was after a left winger, personally i'm glad we missed out on that and would prefer to see us go for a right winger in January or next summer.

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