Utd want Griezmann


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Feb 15, 2012
Rolling back the years with this rumour that seems to be going around the internet this weekend... must be an international week.

Utd are apparently desperate to sign him and treble his wages to £700k a week!

He's playing brilliantly at the moment for Atletico but my god we'd be mad to do this one.
The report I read said treble his wages to 350 a week.

No way AM are paying him over 200 grand.

I think this is BS, and probably he's too old. Awful first signing for SJR too.

Although he can score
Article I found he was on 250,000 euros a week at Atletico which works out at around 8m euros a year after tax.

They pay big wages at Atletico, Simeone and Oblak are the best paid manager and goalkeeper in world football and he was on enormous wages at Barcelona.

In Spain they report wages as after tax in the UK it's before tax so for Utd to treble his take home salary we'd need to pay him a ridiculous wage.

The rumours are he's got a very low release fee at the end of the season because Atletico got him cheap when he left Barca.

I don't believe it either we're skint and the money SJR is meant to be pumping in is for stadium and infrastructure not just to spunk on transfers.
Yeah so the figure in that article would be what he would earn after tax so by the time you add the tax on top he'd be costing us around £700k a week in wages.

It's why the story never made any sense when you look at what we'd actually need to pay him to treble his salary.

This website is quite a handy tool but like all these sites the accuracy of the figures needs to be taken with a pinch of salt.
I can say with 100% certainty we will be signing Garay and Gaitan before we sign Griezmann.

Wesley Sneijder , mmmm, not sure.