United States, Mexico and Canada to host 2026 World Cup

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May 8, 2011
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Given the alternative was Morocco I think it was the only option given that FIFA are looking to expand the tournament to 48 teams for 2026.

Will all 3 host nations automatically qualify?

I think it's good to spread it out a bit so you've got a main bidder the USA then neighbouring countries get involved as well could the UK submit a bid for 2030 with England as the main host but also have Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland hosting some games.

Going to be another tough one for the players very hot summers over there and also could be a lot of travel involved.

The new voting procedure looks much more above board as well with all nations getting a vote rather than it being decided by a secret vote by an executive board.
Didn’t realise there would be 48 teams, sheesh.

But yeah the logical choice was USA, Mexico and Canada, as Morocco wasn’t the most attractive choice I would imagine.

Guess you have to give the three host nations a free pass don’t you? They can’t change the tradition now just because they’ve given it to three countries?
Think England are favourites for 2030 but Uruguay won and hosted the first World Cup in 1930 and 2030 will be 100 years since then.

England probably one of few countries that could cope stadium wise with a 48 team World Cup on their own. A joint bid with Scotland and Wales would be superb, not sure Northern Ireland have the stadia for such a thing, unfortunately, and 4 countries probably too much. Wales have got 3 as have Scotland. I think England could do it all themselves, I hope Wales are involved though and it's the only way Scotland are going to qualify (I joke... maybe).

Find it mad that England haven't held it since 1966 while USA will have held it twice and Mexico 3 times until England host it again (and if England don't get it in 2030, that could become more)
FIFA wanted to do 48 teams in 2022 but decided it wasn't possible to do that in Qatar.

Apparently it'll be 80 games in total in 2026, 60 in America with 10 in Canada & 10 in Mexico.

I think they've said in the past after Japan & South Korea that joint bidders wouldn't get automatic qualification it needed to be 1 country leading the bid who were in automatically then the other nation who were the support bidder had to qualify as normal.

Given how FIFA works my guess is 2030 will be in Europe

2002 Asia
2006 Europe
2010 Africa
2014 South America
2018 Europe
2022 Asia
2026 North America

3 years out and they've finally agreed on a format, 3 team groups have been scrapped and we'll be back to 4 team groups.

12 group of 4. Top 2 from every group and the eight best 3rd place teams progress to a round of 32.

Total number of games up from 80 to 104 so we play 72 matches to eliminate 16 teams from the competition.

The number of games probably means world cups in a single country could be a thing of the past.

Opening game to be play at the Azteca and the final will be in New Jersey.

All games from the 1/4 finals onwards will be in the USA.

Going to be a tough one for players temperatures will be very high.

Going to have to be a few late nights to watch this one.
I quite like the late night games. Makes it feel like a World Cup when the games are at odd times.
Hope Diana Ross has been practicing her penalties .....

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Guess it depends on how late they want to make them.

Anything kicking off before 4pm local time is going to be dealing with some serious heat and depending on time zones that's either a 9pm kick off on a 12am kick off.

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