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May 8, 2011
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yeah, he's what we need, not exciting but I think will make a difference. Funny length contract
3 year contract with an option for 1 more.

Fee reported to be £35m with £5m of potential add ons.

He's taken the number 31 shirt.

From the comments made by Mourinho he was very keen to come to the club and work with the manager again and he's leaving the champions.

Hardly a signing that makes me want to do cartwheels down the street but he improves our options in midfield, he's won titles in England which is important so he shouldn't need any time to settle in and he's worked with the manager previously so there's a lot of positives.
He's not an exciting flashy signing and he's not the guy a lot wanted (being Fabinho) but it's a typical United of old type signing. Just like in the Fergie years and just like the Lukaku signing earlier this summer.

He's a proven EPL player who's won the league and was a crucial part of that.

He's a guy that Jose knows and trusts and he can bring some experience to the team. Plus fills a bed at DM.

No it's not hugely exciting but it's logical. It's not what we wanted but it's a good signing in my eyes because it strengthens the team and moves us back in to contention (I think) for a title push next year. Can't say much more than that for this as a pretty good signing surely?

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