United B & C teams?


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Sep 26, 2013
I had an idea. Why can't united have a B and a C team like they have in Spanish leagues. I admit there might be rules against this by the FA. If we implement this system we won't have to rely on other clubs for player development and it will also have the effect of bringing in players who are accustomed to playing the United way. So they can fit right into the team.
Clubs in the football league oppose it. It's been discussed many times before.
Yeah. Now that I think about it, what seemed a brilliant idea has already been thought of and shot down.
It would be beneficial, to England as well as United, but you can't really see the lower league sides changing their stance if they are against it which is fair enough I suppose.
Woodward favours United 'B' side - TEAMtalk | Latest Football News, Results and Fixtures

Ed Woodward has claimed the use of a 'B' team could be the answer to a lack of competitive football for younger Manchester United players.

For some years now, United and many of their fellow Premier League big-hitters have concluded the present set-up does not create a competitive environment for players outside the first team.

Even a change from the old reserve sides to the present Under-21 set-up, with the potential for utilising over-age players, has done little to address the problem.

And Woodward thinks the Spanish system, where Real Madrid and Barcelona operate second teams below La Liga level, is an idea worth looking at.

"If we could have a 'B' team playing it would solve a lot of the issues," Woodward told fanzine United We Stand.

"The reserves do deliver some of the objectives, the system just isn't as good as it could be.

"Barcelona and Real Madrid have a competitive edge with their system. Ajax have got it. A team in the division below went bust a year ago. Ajax stepped in and now they are developing their players that way.

"You can look at different models and what Spurs have done with Swindon. You can look at rotating players in the first team.

"There is no clear and obvious answer. If you buy a top 18 year old, they could go straight in with the first team. Or they could go into the squad at number 25 or 26."

The clear issues are the traditional loyalties within the English football system and how fans of a club like Bury, for instance, would take to being reduced to the status of a feeder club.

It is certainly hard to see such a structure being implemented in England, even if Woodward's observations are shared by others at the top end of the game.
Wouldn't want it, even though it would help us. B team would be very harsh on lower league teams. Wouldn't our B team have to start at non-league level? The introduction would also ruin the lower leagues because a second team could not be promoted to the Premier League.
Good to see they're discussing it. Also good to see they might change the loan system, think at minute clubs can loan as many foreign players as they want but there's a limit on English players.
I will like the B team system if teams cannot be promoted to the Championship as they can never play in the PL. It would be harsh on other footbal league clubs. About time with the possible loan changes. The majority of time when a player is loaned the club pay a fee upfront, so it should be the manager's decision.
Better coaching would be a better option than having B teams though. No doubt that Reserve/U21 football is not competitive enough though.

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