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May 8, 2011
Manchester United play Southampton in the Barclays U21 Premier League, at St. Mary's, on Monday, 25th April 2016. Kick off is at 19:00 and is live on MUTV.
Team: Johnstone; Tuanzebe, Williams, Jones, Borthwick-Jackson; McNair, Redmond, Poole; Varela, McTominay, Riley.
Subs: Henderson, Kehinde, Harrop, Willock, Mitchell.
See I thought Borthwick-Jackson was out injured that's why we've not seen him in the first team. Is this his first game back in a while? Or just another classic LVG being a douche by picking Rojo?
Been back 2 or 3 games now.

Gazzaniga in the Southampton goal was absolutely superb. Pretty good performance from our lads despite the loss, missing some key players in attack. Jones was not good by the way. McNair scored an own goal but was very good in midfield.
So LVG is being his usual self then by now resorting back to experience in Rojo. Good to know!

I don't expect anything else these days than Jones to be very poor. He's sloppy on the ball, his distribution is awful and his positional play is atrocious. In some games he makes good recovery tackles but it's only because he's been so far out of position he's had to.
Yeah I understand that but why drop one of the other youngsters who had looked so impressive? And for Rojo at that!

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