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May 8, 2011
Manchester United play Sunderland in the U18 Premier League, at the Aon Training Complex, on Saturday, 8th October 2016. Kick off is at 12:30 and is live on MUTV.
United: Fojticek; O'Connor, Warren, Dunne, Kenyon; Whelan, Hamilton; Boonen, Gomes, Bohui; Burkart.
Subs: Johnstone, Spratt, Barlow, Diedrick-Roberts, Barrett.

Sunderland: Woud; Hickey, Taylor, Young, McAughtrie; Allan, Bale, Hackett; Diamond, Connelly, Kimpioka.
Subs: Patterson, Krusnell, Best, Howard, Fowler.
We could have knicked it at the end. Overall though it was a pretty flat performance. Credit to Sunderland, they pressed us well and had two men on Gomes at all times which wained his influence.
Didn't pay a lot of attention when watching the game yesterday but still noticeable how much attention Sunderland were paying Angel Gomes, could see at one point he got frustrated too. Needs to get used to that.

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