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May 8, 2011
United: Henderson; Reid, Tuanzebe, Williams, Borthwick-Jackson; Thompson, Redmond; Riley, Croskery, Mitchell; Rashford.

Subs: Byrne, Rathbone, Dearnley, Hamilton.

Everton lead 2-1 at half time.
Spoke to Paul McGuinness after the game and he described it as "a typical Utd comeback" He wasnt wrong !

Thought the 2nd yellow card for the Everton player was a bit harsh but the player did keep ignoring the ref. Im sure he will learn from it
If anyone's wondering where Fosu-Mensah and Gribbin are, they were involved in an U17s game between Netherlands and England yesterday. Ned won 7-0. Fosu-Mensah was captain.

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