Tyler Blackett and Guillermo Varela to leave?

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May 8, 2011
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No real surprise. Both need to be named as part of 25 man squad now as over 21. Varela has something though and whoever picks him up may sell him on for a fair bit in a few years.

Great news if Tuanzebe and Fosu-Mensah are going to be given serious chances. Fosu-Mensah always likely but big fan of Tuanzebe and think he's the best young CB we have personally. I'd prefer to see Fosu-Mensah in midfield long term but happy to see him anywhere.
Yeah like JSN said there is no great surprise. Blackett is not a great defender, think he is about championship level so sure he'll be snapped up by a smaller club. Varela however, I do think has something so would be a little disappointed if he was sold but we have plenty of options at right back so he may not get the chances.

We really do have really strong youngsters coming through. TFM, Tuanzebe, Williams, Rashford, Januzaj - along with young talents like Shaw, Bailly and Martial - it's very very exciting I must say!
I'm not surprised by this at all. Blackett didn't exactly pull up trees last season at Celtic did he? I still think it's a shame as I actually rate him. He's a good player who is good on the ball but hey LVG and Jose don't feel he's good enough so I'll accept that.
Eintracht: Varela soll aus Manchester kommen


After kicker information from England plans Eintracht Frankfurt to undertake Guillermo Varela Manchester United. A native of Uruguay right-back is to be loaned a year also a purchase option is under discussion. However, the talks are still at an early stage, the transfer is still a good distance away.
Think Blackett's chance was mainly due to the need for a left footed CB in the 3 man defence and once a 3 man defence was scrapped his chances were going to be very limited. I think it suited his strengths most, don't think he's a CB in a back 4, think he's a left back.
Yeah I can see that... He always impressed me going forwards when he got to the bye line. He was always getting his head up and looking to pick players out. I personally liked Blackett but I can see why people didn't think he was going to make it at United.
Both came on at the same time today. Blackett at LB. Varela played in midfield and actually did very well. Think he deserves a chance at the club.
Varela impressed last season when he was given opportunities so maybe they will give him a chance? More than likely though this was a chance to put himself in the shop window.
I really like Varela.

I hope Blackett goes on to have a good career.
I think Blackett could have a good career with a mid table Premier League team.

Certainly for a team who like to build from the back because he is very good and very composed on the ball.
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