Tom Huddlestone to be appointed player-coach to under-21s.

Sideshow Bob

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May 8, 2011
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Always really rated him as a player actually, would of been a bit of a punt to buy him but he was very much in the Carrick mould.

His career kind of fizzled out in the end and never really hit the heights. Hopefully he has something about him as a coach and can continue the success of the youth teams.
Think quite a few clubs have started doing this now we did it with McShane last season gives the kids some experience to play alongside in games and gives a young coach the chance to develop his coaching skills at the same time.

I'm guessing he'll still be working his way through all his badges as they take years to complete.
The club has been looking for somebody for the role for some time now focusing mainly on former Reds(for obvious reasons), but whoever the club plumped for in the end I doubt they will start more than 3 or 4 games over the whole season.

Be interesting to see if he's fit enough to start against Arsenal(A) tomorrow which is one of the games the club had in mind for an experienced head to play in.

More likely to make his first appearance at Everton on Friday the 19th.
I expect some of the lads will travel with the first team for Europa league games which might rule them out of the U23 games so will likely the the youth cup winning side making up the majority of the team this season.

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