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Sunak and Javid both resign. Rats leaving the sinking ship.

Should not be forgotten just how long they went along with this guy.

3 cabinet ministers in 10 days.

Someone needs to put him out of his misery the apologies aren’t fooling anyone.
38 have now resigned yet Boris is apparently determined to carry on.

We are not a dictatorship, we don’t elect a president if your own party is telling you to go you have to go.

The fact he won’t resign shows you what kind of person he is determined to cling on to power and refuses to admit defeat.
His new education minister resigned within 36 hours, his new chancellor told him he had to go.

I mean if labour can't shift this lot at the next election there's no hope for us.

Hopefully the next person who gets appointed clears out this lot who's sucked up to Boris and taken us down a very dangerous road for our right as workers and people and embarrassed us on the world stage.

This man and his little clan of clingers on need to dissapear.
Rishi, Priti, Savid, Truss all need to go with him. You've all stood by with his continued lies.
I think there's a slight difference between those who were forced to work with him Javid and Sunak probably fall into that group and those who encouraged him like Dorries, Raab, Patel and Truss are the ones who really need to pay the price here. Javid to his credit told Johnson to do one before when he tried to meddle in his department and appoint advisors.

I think the big thing yesterday was Javid coming out and saying that they couldn't keep being led out in from of cameras armed with the lies that were later being exposed. They were being told things that just weren't true by people around Boris and then repeating those lies to the nation.

The party members at the last leadership vote fell to populism they didn't judge a person on his actions they judged him on his words and they were so desperate to get Brexit done and move on they went with the guy that promised to make that happen and he did but at a huge cost to all of us.

So we will go back to the party members again for them to select another PM who will likely need to call an election pretty quickly to establish their authority once again meaning we can't really get stuff done as a country and try to sort out the problems we are all facing.
Think for the Tories they can't replace Boris with anyone who's got stink on them from Partygate so that rules out Sunak as he also got fined.

It will be interesting to see how they react to this it's clear is starting to claw back the public from the disaster at the end of Corbyn's reign will their answer be to push harder to the right or will they attempt to come back to the middle a bit to try and cling on to those key swing voters for the next election.

Whatever happens you can guarantee we'll be getting a tax cut pretty soon even if we can't actually afford to do that, they need a win and that's an easy vote winner.
Ben Wallace is the favourite to get the role.

He was a remainer. His constituency is up north in Lancashire. He is a former army captain and served in Northern Ireland.

He also voted against same sex marriage and has the fourth highest expenses in 2008.
Ben Wallace is the favourite to get the role.

He was a remainer. His constituency is up north in Lancashire. He is a former army captain and served in Northern Ireland.

He also voted against same sex marriage and has the fourth highest expenses in 2008.
Wallace has ruled himself out.

Despite him being part of Boris’s top team and also receiving a fine, you would have to say Sunak is probably the hot favourite.
Both Sunak and Zahawi, the two richest members of the old cabinet, are throwing an absolute ton of money at their careers. It's all about the money, baby.

Still, if you're reckless enough to venture into the DM comment threads, both migh fall victim to the 'not being white' problem: so many posters on the DM site not even bothering to disguise that they'll choose whatever white candidate makes it to the last two. Imagine their ruddy complexions if the last two were Sunak v Javid! Oh, how we'd laugh.
It won’t matter what the people think it comes down to what the Tory party members think.

Sunak can’t hit the traditional Tory play book about cutting taxes when he’s the one who’s put them up plus I think they know he’s tainted goods with that fine over Covid rule breaking and his wife’s tax status.

I’d be surprised if Gove doesn’t chuck his name in
11 people have announced so far.

Pretty much all of them promising tax cuts to try and win over voters and making very vague promises around Brexit very little substance so far.

Sunak currently the bookies favourite.
I think there needs to be a general election myself. It's just going to be 2 more years of nonsense.
You would think there will be an election within 12 months tends to be the way when a PM steps down a new leader is elected through the party system but they'll have to call an election.

This is where labour need to really start showing the people some policies that will make a difference. They're now in the clear of that beer gate enquiry Durham police said they don't believe any rules were broken so they need to show they can be a legit alternative to the Tory party.
Labour won't win Starmer in there.

I don't know his politics, but Andy Burnham seems more personable. I think the worst thing that could have happened to the Labour party was Starmer being found not guilty.

I actually don't mind Starmer, but he's note vote winner.

If I had a vote, and I voted, I wouldn't vote for either party
Starmer's problem is he's not left enough for the left he's very down the middle but after the collapse of Corbyn they needed someone who can appeal to the middle ground voters who do move between the parties. I think he's done a pretty good job so far just slowly picking away at the government's behaviour since the last election but Brexit is a problem for him and it's the biggest thing the party need to address over the next 12 months. We aren't going to reverse it but we need a government that can solve the problems it is currently causing.

The thing Starmer has focused on is trust you can trust him and that is the main thing the Tories have lost amongst their voters.
Wonder what the government will do about illegal immigrant Sir Mo Farah. My guess is he doesn't get sent to Rwanda.
Down to 6 candidates now

First round of voting required 30 votes from fellow MP's this is how it went. Zahawi and Hunt didn't get the 30 votes requires and Schapps pulled out of the race before the votes started.
  • Rishi Sunak - 88 votes
  • Penny Mordaunt - 67 votes
  • Liz Truss - 50 votes
  • Kemi Badenoch - 40 votes
  • Tom Tugendhat - 37 votes
  • Suella Braverman - 32 votes

Based on a poll of party members Penny Mordaunt is forecast to win comfortably if she makes it to the final two.

They'll hope to be down to the final 2 by 21st July those 2 candidates then go out and campaign to party members who will then vote in the new party leader.

I imagine the labour party would want Sunak or Truss to win as they are by far the most guilty by association in terms of their relationship to Boris.
Always thought the Conservatives were all about keeping things as they are, yet not one of the candidates has an English name.
Quite funny watching them now start taking aim at each other.

Seems like the far right of the party who've kind of had the run of things recently are bricking it.

Strange that they're are having public TV debates over this considering the general public have no real say on this as it's MP's then party members who will elect the next party leader.

Sadly all these people are promising the same things which are tax cuts rather than tax reform if they cut tax that means they'll be cutting our public services which are already poorly funded what they really need to do is start reforming the tax system.
Those TV debates have been a disaster for them they are tying themselves in knots and the only one who seems to have the wits about him to wriggle out of it is Sunak.

Every single one of them seems to be going down the route of handing more to business to stimulate growth but without the demand on businesses to increase wages along with that growth.
You know they're worried when they cancel the final TV debate as slinging all that mud at each other in public was never a great idea.

Anyway Tom Tugendhat is now out of the race there will be another vote tonight to eliminate another candidate before the final vote tomorrow to decide the final 2.
Down to 2 Sunak vs Truss.

Think Labour will be happy with that both are tainted by the stink of Boris enough that they can keep banging the same drum on them.
Would be very surprised if it wasn’t Sunak in the end.

Really thought it would be Mourdant edging out Truss to be honest.
The Tory members really don't like Rishi. Plus Boris gave a strong anti- treasury dig in PMQs. Still, are they mental enough to go for Liz 'the cheese' Truss?

As some pithy commentator put it, they'll probably vote for the evil of two lessers.
Rishi and Liz really don't like each other, could get tasty
Think Truss will get ripped apart by Sunak when they do the debates she's so wooden and when put out in front of people she'll crumble.

Sunak was the guy coming under constant attack on the debates and he was able to handle that.
As I mentioned, they don't like each other at all. so it could get tasty. They argue a fair bit behind closed doors.

It's a bit of mistake by the tories these made the last two. Both worked for Boris, both have zero personality, Rishi always sounds completely insincere, and she sounds so odd.

Labour are going to miss a huge chance by having Starmer as their leader. Anybody with a bit of personality would walk it past these two.
I think they'll both try to keep it civil they know that attacking each other is just feeding labour ammo for the election.

It's highlighted just how divided the Tory party is across many issues but what they do better than labour is when it comes to elections they all get in line and push the PM whoever it is.

The polls show currently Starmer beats both of them if an election was called but it'll take more than personality it needs some clear policies which is what has been lacking from labour. What are they actually going to propose as their policy for tackling the big issues.
Shameful how little is being done to protect people from the energy crising.

The government should be stepping in and covering these increases the market they've created and regulated has failed and the public purse should be stepping in to sort it out.

Which ever one of these two gets appointed next week to take over they've got to get on top of this straight away.
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