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Apr 26, 2010

Saturday, 26 December 2015
Barclays Premier League
Britannia Stadium
12:45 GMT
Tough away game. I can see this being a draw at best. You never know they might come out fighting.
I can't see it happening but I would love nothing more if we got a win with a good performance and this was a turning point for Van Gaal. Think he needs to change his ways though and I don't think he will. I was really looking forward to Van Gaal coming in but performances on the pitch have been very disappointing as have some of his decisions regarding football. A lot of the stuff he's done off the field has been great, just a massive shame it's been the opposite on the pitch where it really matters.

Looks like he'll still be in charge so will be interesting to see how he sets the team up. Press conference could be interesting today too. 4pm on MUTV I think.
Would be brilliant if he managed to turn things around. I hope he can.
Give him until the Swansea game and if nothing improves then bring someone in and try and get some players in for him.
No chance of him leaving before the end of the season. I would rather get behind him than boo him. It's time the fans started playing the role of the 12th man for the team. Our behavior has been despicable to say the least.
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I think that's enough for me. My testosterone is plummeting.
Omg I am travelling today and this is the first chance I have had to check score. Unbelievable!

I take it we look like we're not going to score?

Joke. Someone is gone in the morning.
Unless we comeback to win, you'd think he will be sacked today or tomorrow.

Stoke are the better team and their tactics are spot on. United cannot string 3-4 passes together.
No comeback today. I think we needed to get a goal in first half. Pathetic.
I would expect him to be sacked after this. I have been one of his supporters but enough is enough. He has left the squad threadbare to the point I can't really see what he can do to improve things without signing players. Would we trust him to sign players in January. I don't think so. It's a short term measure but unless they are absolutely sure they can get pep at the end of the season then they have to bring Jose in.
You're right. Our squad is threadbare. We never have anyone on the bench to change things.
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