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May 8, 2011
2-0 flatters United. We can thank De Gea for giving United the slightest chance in the second leg.
Second best for the umpteenth time this season!

Clueless, poor choices in the starting line up and the substitutions were once again awful.

Going to 3 at the back with Carrick in the back 3?! With the pace that Liverpool have in attack? Jesus the guys a moron! He has no clue how to set the team up for different games, competitions or opponents!
Second best is pushing it. The ref was awful and was still better.
It's just the complete ineptitude of a lot of the decisions he makes that baffle me.

Earlier this season we went away to the Emirates and pressed Arsenal high with a immobile midfield!

Against the lower table teams we look to dominate possession whilst they are just happy to sit back and let us do so.

Tonight the tactics and some of the personnel were just baffling.

And the only time we strike it right is when we have injuries that force changes... It's pathetic and it's time LVG went. I've not been a fan of him since the opening few games of last season. But things have gone from bad to worse this season.
We can thank De Gea for the last three seasons otherwise it would've been even worse.
That's very true! Without him last season we wouldn't have finished top 4! Without him the season before god knows how bad it would have been... And this season well I just don't know how much worse it could have been. Given how the season has gone I don't think it's an overreaction to think without him we'd be bottom half?
It's hard to know what to add. I feel the club is in disarray atm we had 25 years to plan a new manager and we end up with moyes and lvg. The money is clearly there, we have spent enough of it. We need to make sure the next moves are bang on. To me that means a new manager, and a new chief executive. Or at least split the role and get somebody who negotiates spending money better than he does earning money. One thing is for sure the next appointment is fractal to United.
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Harsh words by Merson but I think he's got a point!

What direction is this team heading? What style of football do they want to play? Where is the leadership and passion on the field?

For the most part it's uninspiring, it's dull, there's no purpose to our play and we lack passion. Too many players who aren't good enough and don't seem willing to fight for their futures at the club. But then who can blame them? I don't get the impression LVG is the kind of manager now who you want to fight for? And who knows if he'll be here come July.

The next managerial appointment needs to be spot on because we are in danger now of really falling away from being taken as serious contenders. We can't keep just throwing money at the situation and hope that works.
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