Schweinsteiger suffers partial medial collateral knee ligament tear

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May 8, 2011
German FA:

World Cup winner Schweinsteiger sustained the injury to his right knee on Tuesday afternoon toward the end of the training session
Nothing against Schweinsteiger but I really hope the club don't plan on keeping him on whilst letting Carrick go. He's barely been fit this season and that's been an issue for the last couple of years!
Out for the rest of the season, according to latest reports.
Bit of a failure this year, it was certainly worth the gamble though.
Not good. The beginning of the end for him probably. Knew we probably weren't getting the same player we'd seen dominate a World Cup final and European club football for years but did expect more.
Yeah completely agree mate! I was excited by his signing and thought he would really add quality and experience to our midfield. Sadly it's not worked for him and I think we should look to move him on in the summer whilst keeping Carrick. I don't think there's a place in the squad for both and I see Carrick playing the bigger part.
Van Gaal: "It is a big blow. He is starting his rehabilitation. He has more or less the same injury as Wayne. We have to see how it heals. It is a tragic injury because the expectation is not so good for him in respect of of the European Championships, but you never know. I hope that he can reach that, but it shall be difficult."
Big blow. He's been deemed a disappointment, which is probably fair enough, however whenever he has played we have usually had the edge in the middle of the park.
He's the kind of player we need to help us close out games for sure. He brings a lot of experience and that's invaluable to us in big moments. But a couple of times he's also come on and really taken the game by the scruff of the neck. My biggest issue with him as been when he's started for us and he seems to drift in and out of the game far too much.
Van Gaal says Schweinsteiger is unlikely to play for United again this season.
And to me that just means he's unlikely to play for the club again. LVG brought him in, it's not really worked like we hoped and I'm hopeful won't be around next season to make a decision.
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