Rasmus Højlund | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24

He should have scored the header no excuses but I wouldn't write him off yet, just hope he gets one soon and needs better service.
On the header he just headed it too well, if you're in a goalscoring run that goes in off the bar, or comes down and hits the keeper and goes in.
That's you who differ from strikers mcoist and wright then. But I'm sure you know better :p
Not failing for that again pal, you and @Sideshow Bob are as bad as each other, ask me something like that, I take the time to try and explain it/why/what, then you totally ignore my reply. Got better things to do with my time.
I asked a simple question as it’s a discussion forum after all. I was interested to hear how you think ETH is not using him correctly but fair enough if it was just a throw away comment with no back up.
That is the positive for me with this guy the ex pro's who watch him especially the strikers all seem to like him even if they do criticise his finishing at times the rest of his game looks pretty solid.
I asked a simple question as it’s a discussion forum after all. I was interested to hear how you think ETH is not using him correctly but fair enough if it was just a throw away comment with no back up.

Watch how he scores most of his goals for Denmark, he's in contact with a conventional no.10 all game, we don't have one that can play that role in the first-team squad, the closest we have that could possibly play that role to bring out the best of Hojlund, Isak Hansen-Aaroen(19), is rumoured to be looking for a way out.

I'm not surprised. Last night was an ideal opportunity for EtH to give him a try in that role or be an option to come on, but no the bench was mostly full of players the Manager has already decided aren't good enough, well if you listen to the fans anyway.
Fantastic strike for the goal and he has shown he can finish. However, nothing much else on for him in the game. Mainoo and Eriksen were a little off it today, so not a whole lot of service coming through the midfield.
Yeah, have the feeling he's a bottle of champagne awaiting to blow. Just don't know when that'll be.
Shown what he can do given the opportunities, he will get better because you can see he‘s desperate to do well.
He'll be the best most prolific CF in Europe in 2 years. There I've said it.
Goal and an assist for him after missing the good chances in the FA Cup game good to see him put those behind him.

He's going to pretty much have that centre forward spot to himself to the end of the season barring injury so hopefully we can see him start to show more of what he's got now that he's settled in.
8 goals for the season. Hopefully he has a strong end to the season and finish with 15. He needs that service though!
Good to see the goals starting to trickle in for him. When he gets a chance he looks like he’ll put them away but again the service for him was pretty much non-existent.
8 goals in 26 appearances now all open play goals.

Thought he took the chance really well spotted the gap and smashed the ball through it.
Out of that 8 goals I saw in the news that only 3 goals were assisted by his team mates. The rest of the 5 were all on his own.
His best game for United. His general all round play was very good, a goal and an assist.
Think he faded second half it’s a lot to ask of a young player but for an hour he was very good.

Looks like he’s learning how to play with the team and the team are learning to play with him.

Good to see the goals flowing for him and long may it continue.
Brilliant goal! Not sure about the celebration, but who cares! Link play was decent again. Now 10 goals for the season. Happy 21st!
Fantastic goal today and continues to show his promise. Well on track for 15-20 goals this season which wouldn’t be a bad start at all.
Loved the goal,great strike on his weaker foot and made the chance for himself.

He’s getting a bit of an understanding going with the rest of the team and I think 1 game a week will help him massively.
He is only 21 today and the first time in the PL and he said everything is much quicker than he is used to and he is coming along good now.
Certainly looks to be getting up to the speed of the game in this league which is good to see after a tough start.

Into double figures across all comps isn't a bad first season if he keeps up this sort of form he should fancy ending up in the 15-20 bracket.

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