Rasmus Højlund | Match Discussion Thread 2023/24

His level of performance has dropped off in recent games. He looks tired. Too much is being asked of a young lad. He has the ability and determination to be a top player at United but at the minute he needs support.
Got feck all from the Ref or linos, it was quite embarrassing at times .....
Thought he was poor last night but he also looks shattered and up against that very quick Bayern back line he was pretty much marked out of the game.
His holding up the ball technique is stick your arse in the opposition. Which is what happens in little league.

His only plus point (currently), which is quite a big one at the moment, is hurrying defences into errors. It's about the only time we got into attacking positions last night, because we can't seem to build from the back.
He`s young and needs coaching that type of player is best suited coming into a team thats doing well not a team thats struggling, he`ll come through it but needs help and better service.
He's not got enough qualify in any part of his game really.

This position needs filling in Jan

Saying that, Nunez was bad too
As said above, he should have scored even if the chance was on his weaker foot. He really does need better service to enable us to properly judge his ability.
He's not got enough qualify in any part of his game really.

This position needs filling in Jan

Saying that, Nunez was bad too

Predictable, guess the 5 goals he scored n the Champions League all bounced in off his backside?

Disturbing that while "unlucky Son" was still in my throat I instantly thought of you ..... :D
I like Hojlund he`s trying and it will come eventually but it shows how far our recruitment has collapsed, we should be buying players like Kane and Rice instead we paid a fortune for Antony, good grief.

I think the will from united fans to towards Hojlund is typical of a united fan, and something that should be admired. Which is why I'm not too hard on the boy.

The reality is, he isn't good enough, and it shows on the pitch.

The recruitment is awful, Antony, Onana, Mount, could Argue Casemiro at that age and price. Hojlund at 70m is a joke with his record.
He had one opportunity. That’s his issue. There is no service.

I saw a stat yesterday and United are the worst team at getting the ball to their forwards. Regardless of who it is playing up top.

He should bury that chance but when you’re asking a 20 yr old to bury 100% of his chances there’s an issue.
I saw a stat yesterday and United are the worst team at getting the ball to their forwards. Regardless of who it is playing up top
Coaching problem? :p

that's the point I've been making
Coaching problem? :p

that's the point I've been making

And the answer to that is the same. We had 7 first team players unavailable from the start against one of the best teams in the league. And the circle continues.

Hojlund is the least of my worries. The goals will come you can see the talent is there. But even without the goals he’s putting in a shift and working hard for the team.

I’d be looking at Toney in January though. But here is the main problem the money isn’t there to spend because of years of failed investment and be right up against FFP issues. Again we have the second largest recruitment team in the country and the manager doesn’t dictate the prices they pay. But Højlund and players of his nature are going for these prices now. Potential cost.
I don't really know how to do this, what was our chances created last year, with few injuries, compared to this year?
Seen some brief highlights and the one vs one is a good chance but wouldn't call it a great one, the keeper has covered the angle well.

Creativity was a huge problem last season as well had a quick look and Weghorst was basically getting 1 shot per game.

The full backs don't really get decent crosses in, our set piece delivery is shocking and our wide players rarely get in behind their full back and provide cut backs along the floor for 1 touch finishes.

It was a decent little passing move they put together yesterday that got him in for the chance but it was a good save from the keeper and from the sound of it that was the only change had all game.
If Hojland was missing a hatful of chances each game I‘d think he was the problem but he isn’t, you can see he’s frustrated and desperate to score it’s up to the manager and his players to provide a lot more service, the wingers..if you can call them that are letting him down, Shearer was right if you were the CF Antony would do your head in.
He gets little service, so I won't judge him on goal scoring yet, but his hold up, build up, touch and decision making isn't great
Finally got that monkey off his back and what a time to do it! Hope this can give him some confidence to go on now.
Absolutely delighted for the lad. Hopefully he scores against Forest to start a run and hopefully the floodgates will open.
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Took one for the team, removed him from my FPL team and he scores. He stays out,

Chuffed to little mint balls for the kid.
He should have scored at least one goal. His general all round play wasn’t the best.
I like this front 3 of Hojlund/Garnacho/Rashford think they did run out of steam a bit after an hour but the energy Hojlund brings I think seems to encourage Rashford to put the work in.

They seem to be finding each other as well which is good.

Small sample size.
i just don't think Hojlund is good enough, he'd be better off at a smaller club, not one trying to get where we want to be. The step was too big.

I don't see him as a starter in 2 years time. I like him, I love it when a fan becomes a player, I really want him to succeed, but he looks like he just a bit deficient in all the key areas. I'm not being mean when I say I don't think he's good enough. It's just my assesment from what I've seen this season.

Rashford, as much as I like him, looks like he needs a new challenge.

This side needs a cull.

I think in 2 years the manager and all the players will be gone bar Garnacho, Shaw, Mainoo, Martinez and maybe a couple of others.

This is the only way we can move forward, new team in charge of football, doing some big brave changes.
This may well end up being true but I say give the kid a bit of time, they've made the decision to back him so think you've got to give him 2 seasons to show he's good enough to become a top striker.

It is a huge ask for a kid to come in and be the Utd number 9 in an ideal world we'd have a much more accomplished player in that position but I think he's done an ok job so far in a struggling team that has had no consistency. It's a position we shouldn't be in but this is what happens when you keep buying for the short term think he's only the 4th centre forward we've signed in the last decade (Martial, Lukaku, Ronaldo and Hojlund) the rest have been free transfers or academy grads.

On the whole I'd say recent performances have been pretty good he gets into the goal scoring positions he just needs to be more clinical, we have seen that clinical side in the european games and at international level. I actually think last night was good just needs to put them chances away because that is how you will be judged as a striker.

Strikers will always miss chances it's about putting yourself in a position for the next one and taking it, I don't get the impression that he tries to hide after he misses a good chance he still goes for the next one. Last night was the first game in a while I can remember him actually have a few shots in the game.

Last night was a bit moment I think if he buries that header he probably takes the second one as well and maybe that is the start of a good spell for him.

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