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Sunday, 9th April 2017
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Play a strong team and relegate Moyes :p

Not sure what he'll do here would be nice to see Shaw get a start, CBs pick themselves because of injuries but the midfield/attack could be anything might be where we discover if Jose is giving up on the league
Must win! Never mind top 4, there are 2 other reasons I want us to win this one.
The last day celebrations when Aguero scored? And relegate Moyes?
I'm not that bitter about the last day celebration thing it comes with the territory of being Utd under Fergie if anything it spurred us on the following season the real people I hold accountable are QPR who gave up in extra time when I think word got to them that they were safe.

As for Sunderland I'm just sick of them they're a terribly run club who need to go lets not forget them cleared Adam Johnson to play despite the fact he was facing charges for being a nonce.
Team: Romero, Darmian, Bailly, Rojo, Shaw, Fellaini, Herrera, Lingard, Pogba, Mkhitaryan, Ibrahimovic.

Subs: Pereira, Tuanzebe, Fosu-Mensah, Blind, Carrick, Martial, Rashford.
Fellaini is captain. Mourinho is trolling
I smiled when I saw that Fellaini is the captain. He gets a raw deal though, he's been fine in role as a squad player this season.
I'm not a fan at all and would sell him in the summer I can understand Mourinho wanting him around but captaining our side? There isn't much captain material in that squad should have been given to Herrera
I would have given it to Herrera but i don't suppose it's a big deal. Fellaini, I think has done a decent job as a squad player but it says a lot about us that he seems to be a first choice atm. Personally for next season I am not bothered either way. If he went we are not losing a world beater but if he stays he gives us something we otherwise don't have, as long as it is as a squad player.
I wouldn't be bothered if Fellaini left. I just think he is judged differently to others, he isn't allowed the leeway of a bad game. He was enjoying a run of decent form prior to Everton, but was predictably jumped on after a poor performance. I admire his mentality and I suspect Mourinho does too, which could be reason why he is captain; he keeps on going even though he's aware that he's disliked.
Fellaini captain as longest serving player on the pitch apparently, made his debut before Lingard but after Pogba

Great goal by Zlatan but not playing great here very slow build up.

Shaw looking good going forward will he have to play RB next season so Jose can tell him what to do? :p
Seb Larsson sent off

Went over the ball but missed Herrera

Little unlucky but you run the risk tackling like that
We are playing the side bottom of the league and they have 10 men let's put on a hammering in this second half
Yeah a harsh sending off possibly but that's football. Herrera has had 2 harsh sendings off this season and i dont remember too much sympathy for him. Though no doubt he will get pelters off the panel for the sending off
Lingard playing well not much coming from Mhiki

Sunderland sitting deep and being compact and Utd don't seem to have a plan for how to breakthrough.

What's becoming more and more obvious each week is we don't have a plan when it come to attacking its all individuals playing off the cuff and everyone seems to be trying something different there's no link up play between any midfield and attack.

I'd like to see Fellaini off at HT get Martial or Rashford on playing off Ibra. Herrera & Pogba should be able to go man for man against Sunderland midfield 2
Come on make some attacking subs and hammer them now.

What are the odds on us sitting deep inviting them on and making some defensive subs?
Great start to 2nd half hopefully keep going at them and get a few more can see Utd sitting off and trying to save legs for Thursday though
Shaw looking good going forward will he have to play RB next season so Jose can tell him what to do? :p

He's had to go off now Mourinho isn't on his side of the pitch
Think he had a decent 60 minutes

Be nice to see Martial on for Ibra for the last 10 minutes feel his pace could cause lots of problems
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