Premier League: Manchester United v Watford

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May 8, 2011

Sunday, 12th May 2018
Premier League

Old Trafford
15:00 BST

Darmian Smalling Bailly Shaw

Fellaini Carrick McTominay

Mata Rashford Martial

That’s my guess but he might give Pogba & Sanchez a start to keep them ticking over & Periera will come on 2nd half give Romero a goodbye as I assume he’s off.

Hopefully see a few kids off the bench could he give Chong or Gomes a start in the front 3.
With the exception of Carrick and Lukaku I think we’ll see the FA Cup starting 11
Mourinho has said Romero, Blind, Bailly, Mata, Martial and Rashford will start.
Oh I hadn’t seen that.

Plugging in players around them then


Valencia Bailly Smalling Shaw

Carrick Blind


Mata Rashford Martial
Reckon it will be Blind at LB then not sure he’ll start Shaw 2 games in a row.
Apparently no youngsters spotted arriving at the team hotel. How very boring.
I guess with a cup final he feels the players likely to be on the bench need some football.

To be honest the players who will start could do with a good win at home before Wembley as they’ve been sluggish in the league since the semi.

Darmian Bailly Rojo Blind

Carrick McTominay

Young Mata Alexis


Subs Periera, Valencia, Jones, Shaw, Herrera, Pogba, Lingard

No academy players given a chance in the final meaningless home game which is a shame.
Not watching the match but it's nice to see Rashford on the score sheet
Lovely ball by Carrick in the build up created the goal.

He’s putting on a masterclass in midfield playing some delightful long passes off both feet man we will miss him.

Romero has made a great save from Richarlison as well.

Game is quite dull though very end of season feel to it sun is out nothing to play for everyone getting ready for holidays.
Shame we don’t have a youngster or two on the bench to get excited about.
Yeah wasn’t sure if the kids have already gone away on holidays as there season has finished.
Lots of big scores going on today in the Prem, but Utd still only 1 up. I really hope next season we can play more exciting, attacking, goalscoring football
Couldn’t even entertain on the last day. Been some pretty depressingly dull performances this season.

Sad to see Carrick go, he was still a class above today.
They didn’t even bother trying to attack 2nd half it was like an attack vs defence session where the attack never looked like scoring.
I must admit whilst I am not one in favour of throwing loads of young players in I think one starter and one on the bench would have been good today. Neither team were playing for anything. A couple of youngsters would have excited the fans and ingratiate Jose two them. I think he missed a trick today.
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