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May 8, 2011

Sunday, 16th April 2017
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I hope the match on Thursday doesn't weigh to much on the players confidence.
I think we will lose this one unless he's come up with a proper plan for Hazard that doesn't involve fouling him until someone gets sent off. Hazard is a player we've always struggled to contain and especially at home he will get space the plan at Stamford Bridge in the cup seemed to be Jones playing almost as a man marker but not sure who we have to do that job with Jones injured.

Will Mourinho go 3-4-3 to match them up? Unless he plans to play Blind or Darmian as a 3rd CB we don't really have the defenders to do that. That system would allow us to play Shaw & Valencia as wing backs and possibly get a 2nd more mobile striker up with Zlatan.

I think he will stick with 4-3-3 Felliani will come in for Carrick which means Herrera central in the 3. Not sure who he will use wide I'd probably go for Mhiki & Martial

I'm guessing Rooney will be back on the bench after his injuries but would be a big shout to chuck him in

Top 4 is still up for grabs but you feel this one is must win for that and I think we will lose Chelsea currently are just a much stronger side than us.
What is Mourinho playing at? Today, on the eve of the game, he made this comment: -

“I don't know how many points we are from Chelsea but it is obvious that this season they are a much better team than us.”


It hardly inspires confidence or sets expectations. Where's the rallying battle cry that Fergie would have sent out?

Is this just mind games or is Mourinho morphing into Moyes?
Thing is tables don't lie he knows exactly how many points it is

Maybe he's challenging his team to go and prove him wrong and show they can beat Chelsea.

The main difference between the teams right now is Chelsea create 20 chances in a game and score 3-4 goals Utd might score 1
I hope so. I really dislike Chelsea. Totally classless and I would like us to be responsible for moving Spurs a bit closer to them and at least sowing a little seed of doubt. I listened to Jason Cundy ridiculing United and Jose on talksport the other day and it just made me dislike them even more. Total disrespect for their most successful ever manager.
Serves you right for listening to talk sport ha ha

Sums up their fans perfectly the way they act towards Mourinho he got sacked twice having won them 3 titles in what 6 seasons? Built the greatest team in their history and installed a winning philosophy throughout that club that's last well over a decade. I don't love Mourinho but he should be applauded every time he comes back to Stamford Bridge.

I just can't tell what we will do don't feel good don't think we've been this far behind Chelsea as a team since Mourinho's 2nd season when Fletcher scored in a 1-0 win at Old Trafford and Alan Smith went Rambo in midfield.

Chelsea as a team just seem to have our number they are flying right now whereas Utd seem lower than low they will need the crowd behind them today but if they start badly crowd could turn on them
You're not wrong about talk sport. Listen to it everyday and it winds me up everyday. Radio equivalent to a red top. I can't say i am too hopeful today but i live in hope.
You're not wrong about talk sport. Listen to it everyday and it winds me up everyday. Radio equivalent to a red top. I can't say i am too hopeful today but i live in hope.

Their entire business model is to wind people up to keep them listening and then phone up they're the original trolls. Adrian Durham is an expert at trolling Arsenal fans he hooks 4 or 5 a day

Courtois hasn't travelled guess that means Begovic in from the start
Early team on twitter

De Gea

Valencia Bailly Rojo Darmian

Fellaini Herrera Pogba

Lingard Rashford Young(c)
Is Mourinho prioritising Europa? Or has he picked a team that will press from the front, work hard and get up and down the pitch?
I guess he is banking on rashfords pace occupying their back 3 and gaving 2 hard working flank players taking care of their wing backs. All little bit too circumspect for my liking but I think i get the thinking.
I think this is home putting everything into europa league.

No Rooney or Martial on the bench
I half wondered if Mourinho would rest players for this game but I didn't really believe he would. Top 4 might not be our priority but surely there's the pride of finishing above Liverpool and/or City to play for?

Saying that, the team he's put out should be sound defensively, but it's a huge risk he's taking.
So far, so good. Can we keep it up though? Another goal would be handy!
Definitely need another goal. We have struggled to maintain 1-0 advantages all season. The nerves are building for me.
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