Premier League 2023/24: Man United Vs Luton - Sat 11th Nov - 15:00 KO


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Feb 15, 2012
I don't think he can afford to lose this one, this is one of those games that if he loses it then it is game over.

Luton are a poor side simply put Utd have to be creating plenty of chances at home to a side of this quality there is no excuse.

Think we can probably assume Evans is out of the game having limped off last night.

He joins Shaw, Malacia, Martinez, Casemiro on the injury list along with Sancho on the naughty step.


AWB Lindelof Maguire Reguilon

Mctominay Eriksen

Rashford Bruno Garnacho


I wouldn't start Varane he doesn't look on his game and I'd look to bring Reguilon in at left back as I am sick of t Dalot. I just need 2 weeks where I don't see his face :p

Midfield and up front there's not much else we can really do at this point he clearly isn't willing to risk Mount in there and Amrabat is not looking good enough for this level.
I don't think he can afford to lose this one, this is one of those games that if he loses it then it is game over.
think he gets a bit of a pass for last night. Bad ref. We were playing well up to the red.
its not even about the winning for me, I want to see some improvement.

Certainly Rashford right and Garnacho left showed something last night
Ignoring everything that happened after the Rashford sending off, we actually played really well in that first half last night. I would play the same team again to be honest.

I would like to think we will wallop them but more likely is a nervy 2-1 win.
think he gets a bit of a pass for last night. Bad ref. We were playing well up to the red.

I tend to agree the only thing I'd say about ETH last night was I think he froze when the red card happened. He had to make the change he made at half time straight away by waiting 15 minutes with those players on the pitch we lost the 2 goal lead which to me was inevitable.

I think for probably 30 minutes of both halves we played really well but the last 15 minutes in either half were really poor and that where Copenhagen scored all their goals.

If we lost in similar circumstances again to Luton maybe he'd be fine but if we play crap and get beat it's going to be very hard to keep going. There reaches a point where you just have to say enough is enough he can't turn this around.

The positive is despite all these bad results I don't think there's any sniff that the players are giving up on him and turning on him.
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We really lack any sort of confidence in front of goal at the moment. Garnacho, Rashford and Hojlund all sound like they were guilty of it today.

Six points off the top so the title still a possibility right? :)
only seen the highlights but looked like we created plenty of chances but didn’t take them, should have been a comfortable home win rather than a narrow 1-0

They’ve kept themselves in touch with top 4 but the games get tougher again after this break so we need to find out shooting boots.
A confident United wins comfortably. The players appear to be lacking confidence and are hesitant in front of goal. The team needs to be more clinical, especially in the coming weeks where opportunities to score will be few and far between against tougher opponents.
I thought mount had his best game for us.

Antony as frustrating as ever

Rashford lacking any confidence, he should have hit it first time on his big chance
We have been pretty awful this season but got to praise our resilience. The comebacks against Brentford and Forest showed we always keep going. It’s a tough period but the fact we are anywhere near top four is a real blessing as our form will improve no doubt. If we can get our forwards actually scoring then this season may not be as much of a train wreck than it appears it could be!

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