Premier League 2022/23: Man Utd vs Spurs ~ Wednesday 19th Oct 8.15pm KO

Yep great finish gave the keeper no chance.

Great play by Anthony in the build up.
Yeah Fred and Casemiro highlighting exactly why people said this midfield will work together.

The pace we have played at is the best thing. It's been relentless.
Ronaldo walking off down the tunnel on 88 minutes. Disappointing, should celebrate the victory with the team.
Absolutely brilliant performance! Spurs didn’t do anything all game but we didn’t allow them to do anything. Our pressing was fantastic and it is the most comfortable 2-0 you will ever see.

Bruno and Casemiro were supreme in midfield.
Ronaldo walking off down the tunnel on 88 minutes. Disappointing, should celebrate the victory with the team.

Got to make it about him doesn’t he.

It is such a stupid thing to do he should be out on the pitch congratulating his team mates on a great performance.
Spurs are awful.

Bruno got motm. But for me it was easily Fred. Casemiro, Dalot and Shaw were excellent too. As were the CB's.
Disgraceful from Ronaldo really. Yes he’s disappointed to not come on but the other guys on the bench are probably as well and they don’t go sulking off. He should be out there celebrating a brilliant performance and three points.
Let's not give Ronaldo the time. We've just put in one of the best performances full of energy and pace that we have in a long time. We didn't just beat Spurs we absolutely played them off the park. They didn't belong on the pitch with us.

That's what I want that pace.
Love the possession passing we play now for the last few seasons we looked scared of the ball.
anyone remember Pogba?If we can win on Saturday that would be a good week for us.
Love to hear Rich's thoughts on that performance.

I think we clearly shut up those that don't think we are on Tottenham's level.

Conte even said as much in his post match conference.
Without Lloris it would've been 5-0. Everyone seemed on it from the start.

Imagine if Fred could be dependably excellent? How he fluctuates between so good and so poor is a head shaker.
Lastly today highlighted just how glad I am we didn't get Conte. How anyone thinks that is good football is beyond me. And that's how they play week in week out. It's awful.

After this weekend we'd have played the entire top 9. Must have a nice run of games coming up.
Totally buzzing after that, you can see the difference when the crowd are up for it from the off, none of the The 58 entitled prick bullshit trying to divide the fanbase post-match, and the players, almost to a man, playing like they were proud to play for the club and nobody was gonna take the shirt from them ....

De Gea 8

Dalot 8
Varane 9
Martinez 8
Shaw 8

Casemiro 9
Fred 9*

Antony 7
Bruno 8
Sancho 6

Rashford 7

The Ref 2 - totally out of his depth, embarrassingly bad, SAF would've made sure he never Ref'd a United match for the next 3 years.
Great performance. We need a striker without doubt. We'd have had 6 points for sure this week.
Thought them switching to 3-5-2 played right into our hands our centre backs went 1 vs 1 with the two forward and Casemiro just stayed in front stopping the supply to them. Spurs playing out from the back was comical they don't have the players to do that and we pinned them right back. Think we saw last night just how important Kulusevski has been for them having that 3rd man in the attack makes all the difference for them.

We were just excellent from start to finish we had aggression, speed and technical ability. We passed the ball around beautifully for the whole game and didn't give them a sniff apart from 1 chance Kane had on the break before half time.

Best performance I've seen from us in many years.

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