Premier League 2022/23: Man City vs Man Utd ~ Sun 2nd Oct 2pm KO


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Feb 15, 2012
Utd's first league game in a month sees us go up against our local rivals.

Injury wise I haven't seen anything reported of new injuries over the international break Ronaldo took a bang to the face in one game left him with a bloody nose but he carried on and there's nothing yet from the FA to confirm a ban over that incident with the fan yet.

I guess we await news on the fitness of Rashford and Martial who were both injured before the international break and didn't go away on international duty.

In terms of the team it kind of picks itself it'll probably be the same XI that started against Arsenal.

De Gea

Dalot Varane Martinez Malacia

Eriksen McTominay

Anthony Bruno Sancho


Despite our resurgence it seems unlikely that we get anything here but City are giving teams chances they aren't totally tight at the back so if you can get off to a decent start and catch them out you might be able to get something from the game. That's generally been the tactic away to City since Pep arrived fast start nick the first goal and then hold on for dear life and we've had some decent results there although last season we got a proper thumping it was men against boys.

After this the games come thick and fast with 9 games to play in October.
City are letting teams get two in front of keep it interesting.
We’ve beaten better City teams at the Etihad of late but now they’ve got Haaland who is in explosive form.

The international break/postponements came at the worst time really - we were building up some real momentum. Confident we can give them a game but think we’ll be beaten - you do never know though.
Probs no Stones.
We get anything from this and it's a good result I would say
Yeah City are known for just chucking it in the mixer aren't they.

There's a video on youtube of Martinez absolutely owning Haaland when he was at Ajax.

Sounds like Maguire is out injured not that he would have started.

With Haaland you just can't afford to switch off for a second as he's ruthless.
Ajax won 4 - 0 I think they said on the radio.

I think they would stupid not to use the height advantage to be honest. It's not like they never score from crosses or headed goals.

I'm interested to see if the momentum we were gaining has been affected by this huge break in matches.
I'm sure Haaland will look to go back post on crosses from the City left because if they can clear Varane/McT with the cross he'll fancy his chances vs Martinez and Malacia. It's a part of his game that Haaland has really improved on in the last 12 months as it was a bit of a weakness and if he times it right there's not much a defender can do to stop him if the ball in is a good one.

The only saving grace is from the left City's crosses are mainly in swinging as Cancelo if right footed. These are a lot easier to defend and your keeper has to be brave to come and claim stuff... that may be an issue.

It's a bit like when they had Aguero or we had Rooney the opponent knows these players are going to score you just need to make sure you score as well.

I think the break came at a really bad time for us with all the new players having those two extra games to work on shape and understanding would have been vital.

City have got issues though especially at the back think Laporte and Stones are both out injured, Walker and Dias haven't started the season that well so if Utd should be able to create some chances if we can get that link from Eriksen to Bruno working.
Maguire is out with an injury.

Rashford and Martial both trained this week so should have the full squad to choose from.
In reality what else can he say?

An injury probably does Maguire some good personally puts him out of the picture so he can't be blamed for anything that goes wrong.

Think it's just gone past the point of return for him now a bit like Pogba the mob has decided he isn't good enough he isn't turning a corner so it's game over. Hard to see him being here next season.

It's not through lack of effort or ability it's purely a case that mentally he looks gone he needs to get out.
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Come on lads! Get stuck in and bag that early goal.

Don't think you can defend against City; you have to outscore them. Queue United nicking a 1-0 victory whilst heroically having our backs-to-the-wall for 97 minutes.
The key will be can Eriksen/Bruno combine to find the attacking players quickly when we win possession.

they will boss the ball it’ll be 65-70% possession for them but that can suit us if we can get Rashford in behind.
Ref set his stall out early first foul of the game Dalot booked.
1-0 Foden

Eriksen didn’t track his run and we were punished ruthlessly.

Poor start from Utd, need to show much more composure on the ball.

Fair to say City are looking at it and are really targeting Dalot.

Fallen apart here.

Varane clearly struggling with the injury and Haaland has cashed in.

This is going to get very very bad.
Can't watch rashford any longer....don't care bout that award....seems he's happy with that and can't be effort again and we got no midfield...don't know why I'm wasting my Sunday watching this shite
I actually wondered whether Ten Hag would make some substitutions after 25 mins as it was clear we had no cohesion whatsoever.I expect a triple substitution now.
Yep damage limitation now. Got to get Casemiro, Ronaldo and Martial on I would say.
City were ruthless there.

Varane down injured they play on then kill us with 2 goals while we deal with that injury.

They’re just on a different level to us.

Make a few subs and hope City ease off second half.

I don’t even blame the defenders any of the midfield or forwards could be off
Rashford and Sancho have returned to jogging around with no intensity so we have no pressing up front and there are huge gaps in midfield. Michael Oliver booking our fullbacks for their first foul was shocking refereeing.
We have no midfield. McSen getting ran past like they’re traffic cones, can’t find an outlet so they give it away when we actually get possession. You’d think a match like this is crying out for an alleged world class DM like Casemiro.
We just have been so nervous and just let City do what they want. So poor on the ball and no composure whatsoever.

This could get a whole lot worse - and it’s pretty bad at the moment!
Can we agree Eriksen shouldn't be playing in games where we need to defend and he's a liability like I've said all season yet?

I get United fans want to like him. But if you keep ignoring how bad he is defensively we are going to keep getting punished for it.
Can we agree Eriksen shouldn't be playing in games where we need to defend and he's a liability like I've said all season yet?

I get United fans want to like him. But if you keep ignoring how bad he is defensively we are going to keep getting punished for it.
Both Eriksen and McTominay have been invisible in midfield.
I know there’s a reluctance to change a winning team but against City you have to match their midfield.

Our forwards should be doing a lot more work defensively.

I‘m amazed that he hasn’t changed the midfield or attack at half time.
An incident a few minutes ago summed up Rashford, Ederson miscues his kick and it loops up high in the air. Rashford stands still and does not even challenge the defender for the ball in the City box.

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