Premier League 2022/23: Leicester City vs Man Utd ~ Thu 1st Sept 8pm KO


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Feb 15, 2012
I don't mean this as a criticism of ETH by any stretch, because obviously results are hugely important to ease the pressure, lift the mood, raise confidence of the players in their own abilities and in his leadership. If we had gotten beat by Liverpool getting buy-in becomes a lot harder, and the faith in him wanes considerably.

Plus, it's early and after the horror show that was last season, progress will take time. This squad needs wins and positive momentum however it can get them, I fully understand that.

HOWEVER, being compact and relying on moments of brilliance only got Ole so far. At some point we need to start developing a style/patterns of play/an identity because last season it appeared that they just practised tik-tok dances on the training pitch. Again, not being impatient, I'm just curious to see what ETH can achieve with this side, especially with the new signings, and am a little skeptical that the old guard is capable of learning new tricks.

I think ETH is a lot more pragmatic than people realise it isn’t just a case of one way of playing and that is it.

I think he’s realised quickly if we play this way we will be in big trouble but I think he’s smart enough to work it out and add the bits to the way we currently play slowly.

Back to basics and upping the work rate and aggression to me is a great way to start.

I think this season even with the huge spend might just be a season of stability but hopefully you lay solid foundations to build on next summer

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