Premier League 2022/23: Everton vs Man Utd ~ Sun 9th Oct 7PM KO


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Feb 15, 2012
Dodgy kick off time due to the TV companies but probably helps the players, the trip to Cyprus is quite a long one I'm guessing they flew straight back last night and will be in for some sort of light training today. Everton have the benefit of the week off to rest and prepare.

Everton are on a decent run they've become very hard to play against and break down 4 draws followed by 2 wins. The back 4 is now pretty reliable and the midfield is very solid all work horses. What they lack is a bit of flair so Utd need to shake off last night and be a lot less generous in terms of the chances we give the opponent in open play and on set pieces. You know that crowd will be bouncing on a Sunday night so they don't need to give them any reason to cheer as Everton are definitely one of those sides who can be fired on by the home support if they get a good start.

In terms of the injuries I didn't see the full game last night but assume everyone came through ok and I'm not expecting any of the lads who missed the game to be back for this one.


Dalot Lindelof Martinez Shaw

Casemiro McTominay

Anthony Bruno Rashford


If Martial is fit enough to go from the start that is what I'd do. Think we might need McTominay in their to deal with the more physical Everton midfield and with Bruno currently being the captain I assume he'll start over Eriksen.

Shaw and Rashford in for Malacia and Sancho to me are no brainers.

I don't see it being a high scoring game but if we can nick another 1-0 win on the road it would be massive to put the City result behind us and get back to winning ways.
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Definitely the right calls by the boss.

Good to see Varane back on the bench as well.

That is a terrible goal to concede.

Dithering on the ball in our own half and ruthlessly punished.
Martial injured replaced by Ronaldo.

A striker in January is essential.
I said he was poor signing, everything we didn't need

Can't say that. He's barely played and we needed a world class midfielder. The issue is we haven't partnered him with Fred yet as we try to accommodate someone that's obviously not a central midfielder. The guy is world class and United fans will appreciate him.
Not sure where the offside was but that goal summed up what Casemiro brings.
It is fair to say that we are yet to see any signs that Casemiro is the answer to our problems but still early days.

His performances so far have been poor and he’s regularly getting caught dithering on the ball. The penny has to drop soon that in this league you won’t get time on the ball.
But until he plays we can't judge him. Is this not his first start?
Not a bad pass after a mistake. Fantastic assist and Ronaldo becomes a member of 1 in the 700 club.

The criticism looking a little silly.
But until he plays we can't judge him. Is this not his first start?

Think he has started in the Europa league and he‘s come on as a sub in most games.

I did say it’s early days but you’d expect to see more, he has been making that sort of mistake in most games But he’s recovered well from it in this game.
Think we’ve been brilliant so far. Poor from Casemiro for the Everton goal but since then we have controlled the game and could be better than 2-1.

Fabulous pass from Casemiro and finish by Ronaldo. Looks like he’s got something a bit more in his legs tonight - not having a pre-season didn’t help.
We've moved the ball really well in that first half, more of the same in the second.
I think you can see what Ten Hag is trying to do with the team. He hasnt got all the players to do it but at least you can see the identity.
Dalot back to being bad Dalot in the last few games.

Need to see off this little spell and get a bit of that control back.

Feels like time for some subs
The handball rule is a complete mess the ref has no choice even though it was totally accidental and he took multiple touches after to score the goal.

I get the rule saying you cannot under any circumstance score with your hand but in the build up it has to be treated like any other decision and deemed intentional.
What a save.

Casemiro man of the match on his full league debut
Barring his mistake in the first half I thought Casemiro was supreme. Once he gets up to full match sharpness he’ll be one of the first names on the team sheet.

Got a bit hairy at the end but a solid win.
Phew! Fantastic first half performance. Decision making, quality and the final ball was lacking in the second half.
Good performance. Pinged the ball around well at times, but missing that cutting edge.

Would say we defended well, but Everton were quite poor.
The handball rule is just confusing. How can accidental be fine and not a foul but when it comes to scoring a goal, it’s a big no no? VAR is just baffling. Perfectly good goal when it comes to common sense.
The handball rule is just confusing. How can accidental be fine and not a foul but when it comes to scoring a goal, it’s a big no no? VAR is just baffling. Perfectly good goal when it comes to common sense.

The rule is very clear on goals if it touches your hand regardless of intent it is disallowed.

Initially they changed the rule to say any goal scored with the hand is automatically ruled out then they added this extra part which I think goes to far.
Massive win, our season starts now ...

De Gea 8

Dalot 6
Lindelof 8
Lisandro 7
Shaw 8½

Bruno 6½
Casemiro 7¾
Eriksen 7½

Antony 7
Martial 6
Rashford 7¾

Ronaldo 7
McTom 6
Varane n/a

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