Premier League 2022/23: Brentford vs Man Utd - Sat 13th Aug - 17:30 KO


Apr 11, 2016
Ready to go again boys and girls?

I expect us to mess up every game so a win will always be a bonus! But we have to improve under a real coach surely?

De Gea

Dalot - Maguire - Martinez - Shaw

Donny - Fred

Sancho - Bruno - Rashford


I am at my brother in laws wedding this weekend so will miss it (maybe a good thing). But I don’t want to see McT play even on highlights! He’s lost me!

You would think Ronaldo will be back in from the start. I would also start AWB over Dalot but I suspect Dalot is in for the foreseeable.
I'm not sure Rashford should be starting, or Dalot, Fred I guess we have no choice.

Think I would go

De Gea





but I don't thave faith in this manager having any balls after that first game. So we'll just plop out the same old dross.

Dalot Maguire Martinez Shaw

Eriksen Fred

Sancho Bruno Rashford


Not sure if Martial is back but if he's pulled a muscle you assume it'll be a couple of weeks before he's back.

At the back think we've got to stick with that back 4 for a few games to try and build some familiarity.

In midfield probably give Eriksen another crack a bit deeper with Fred.
United have to win right? I mean Liverpool the game after and Arsenal also in August. Obviously it isn't must win but in some ways it is. ETH needs points on the board to try and calm things a little after a calamitous start yesterday.
Just saw Ferdi on fives saying he thinks we should play

De Gea

Dalot Maguire Varane Shaw


Eriksen Bruno

Rashford Ronaldo Sancho
not far off my side, except for Dalot and Erikson.

But I don't mind that team

edit, just looked at my team again, it's not like it haha, I didn't play Rashford either.
I think if we're buying a £50m centre back we should be playing him at centre back because this just moves the problem backwards.

Martinez was signed because he is good at playing from the back we need to be building that partnership with Maguire up over the next few weeks as it was clear on Sunday they were still working out little bits and pieces.

My guess is after sunday it'll be Eriksen who plays the deepest in the midfield to try and get the ball moving through the pitch with either Fred or McTominay slightly ahead of him. Not perfect but until we make signings probably the best we can do.

I'd say if Ronaldo isn't fit to start at the weekend we start Rashford at number 9 and bring either Garnacho or Elanga in on the wing. Hopefully after another week of training he should be ready to start and go for at least an hour.
So what colour shirt will De Gea be wearing today?

I'm going Red or Black
Though if you think about it logically he should just dress like a clown.
We know GK is not a priority but De Gea showing he can't play this system.
Think de Gea will be replaced next season and I think he knows it
Why did VAR not say that was handball against Brentford before the corner?
Can we end the Eriksen in midfield experiment?
And the de Gea in goal, Maguire at CB, Bruno etc

Pathetic you're placing this on Eriksen. You need to get over this, the problems are way deeper
How about eth judgment thinking martinez clean cut it in premier league...hes gonna be targeted all season
And the de Gea in goal, Maguire at CB, Bruno etc

Pathetic you're placing this on Eriksen. You need to get over this, the problems are way deeper

Eriksen has been bloody woeful the worst player on the pitch bar De Gea. I'm not going to ignore it to please you.

Pathetic that you're blinkered to him being at fault for the second goal and then stropping about it. Something you'd be fuming at Bruno for.

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