Phil Jones to Depart


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Feb 15, 2012

Been unfairly made a figure of fun by a lot of people especially on twitter.

A really talented youngster who had his career destroyed by injury.

Not really sure what his plan is going forward but I wish him all the best.
I think Sir Alex comments about him probably impacted some of that ridicule. When you're hyped up as one of the best youngsters he's ever seen it's a high place to fall from.

Hopefully he can find a home for a few years and stay fit.

I assume he'll get a testimonial? Clubs don't seem to do them much anymore but maybe that's because people are rarely at clubs 10+ years now days.
All the best, Phil.

Had some rotten luck with injuries and he said himself that it’s brought him so dark times. I hope he can get fit and spend a couple of years somewhere. Crazy to believe but he’s still only 31 and probably still in his prime for a centre back.
Was gonna say he'll probably go to somewhere like Bury and have a good few years but don't think they exist any more, Salford it is then.

Wish him all the best where ever he goes, top lad.
I believe he turned down the testimonial as he didn't want the fuss.

I'm guessing they'll do something on the pitch for him before the final home game of the season or possibly home the home friendly in pre season, possibly a little cameo guest appearance at the end of the game.

They've already put some nice stuff up on social media.

If he decides to call it a day and wants to go into coaching hopefully the club support him down that road.

I remember watching one of his early games for Blackburn they were a terrible side on their way down and he went up against Drogba in his prime at 18 years old and bullied him off the pitch not just physically but also read the game perfectly and didn't give Drogba a sniff that day. Utd dropped everything to make sure they got him when Liverpool started sniffing around him as the kid looked the next captain of England, that was how highly he was rated.

It did get a bit silly with the new contract under Ole but I never blamed Jones for that he kept trying to get fit it just wasn't happening for him.
I believe he turned down the testimonial as he didn't want the fuss.
I think he used some stronger words than that a couple of years back. He feared ridicule and mockery, believing the fans hated him. He was certainly subjected to some harsh treatment and mockery over the years from people who had no understanding of circumstances.
It did get a bit silly with the new contract under Ole but I never blamed Jones for that he kept trying to get fit it just wasn't happening for him
I think that was likely down to "people factors" and the club looking after him than any aspiration he would be any sort of regular squad asset. Ole did try to help him. Fair play.
It's sad that he's become a pantomime villain, when none of this has been his fault. By all accounts he's a really good lad who has given his all for United, the problem being that his all has only lasted for fits and starts before the next injury set in. The contracts were not his fault, who wouldn't have signed them. The injuries weren't his fault. Fergie saying he could be our best ever player wasn't his fault. Becoming a meme wasn't his fault. Becoming the poster child for Ed Woodward's ineptitude wasn't hit fault.

And yet, he's worn all of that with more grace and dignity than I would've over the last number of years. I hope the next phase of his career/life is more fulfilling and successful than what came before. He's deserved it.
He'll probably still turn up at Carrington for the first day of pre-season ....

Unless he gets himself a new club obviously.
My guess is he will retire.

There must reach a point where he’s going to seriously impact his long term quality of life by attempting yet another come back.
Given how things have been for him over the years it would be a surprise if he hasn’t been planning his next phase in life.
Yeah he did a bit of punditry before the caraboa cup final so maybe he will dabble in that.

Not sure how that would go for him as he always comes across as a bit shy in front of the camera.

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