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May 8, 2011
United su Pogba, pronti 50 mln - Calcio -


A little less than 50 million Euros for Paul Pogba, this is the offer that David Moyes has presented Sunday at Beppe Marotta. Had not gone unnoticed by the unexpected blitz manager of Manchester United at the St. Elias, on the occasion of the transfer of Juventus in Cagliari. Initially it was thought that Moyes wanted to see live two of his goals, the defender Davide Astori and Claudio Marchisio

. But today the Daily Mail reveals the real plan behind the trip: an official visit to the hierarchies Juventus to renew interest in the young French midfielder. That United had lost in the summer of 2012, but that now seems willing to pay its weight in gold. Impossible that the deal will get through by the end of January, but in Manchester there is cautious optimism that a successful conclusion next summer.

Moyes also because the Glazer family will provide about 120 million to re-establish the Red Devils and Pogba is on top of the wishes of the Scottish coach, who plans to use the Portuguese Nani as partial compensation technique. From Turin, however, could get another reinforcement for United, Arturo Vidal. The United had already courted last summer, but in six months the affair seems to have more chance to materialize. Among the many possible arrivals, the United risk losing a pillar of its success in recent years, Nemanja Vidic. The Serbian defender is out of contract at Old Trafford and for the moment has not arrived any offer of renewal. Not only Galatasaray Roberto Mancini but now the Monaco Claudio Ranieri wants him already and now Vidic could sign a pre-contract.

ANSA is Italy's equivalent of the PA.
Just before Monaco v PSG, BT Sport said that Pogba is most likely to stay or join PSG.
La Stampa - 80 milioni di euro dallo United, inizia l?asta per Pogba


The raffle for Paul Pogba is playing, if after artistic estimates, "counts as a Monet" (Mino Raiola, his agent) and quotations made with algorithms '72 million euro' (Centre for Sports Studies in Neuchatel), yesterday came the first real proposal, Manchester United: 80 million euro to Juve, 9 per season to the player. It goes without saying that for a bargain summer, and we are in January, this is not an offer directly to the club, but a message, conveyed through the prosecutor.

All things formally prohibited by the rules - you can not treat a player under contract - but you always do. And never confirmed. Remains the figure, that information will also convenient to Juve, who certainly can not wait for summer to plot a strategy on Pogba. In addition to the United, the position of Pogba was probed by City, but compared to the cousins ​​has the cumbersome problem of the Financial Fair Play: ie, will have to sell some piece, from Jovetic up, to afford luxurious shopping. The Red Devils, however, would be ready to spend immediately, with some doubt only in some men's club: sborserebbero a fortune to return to Manchester a player discarded, and lost to zero euro, three years before.

Said Pogba's fine to Juve, as he repeated last Sunday, some friend of his claims that the French, in the event of sale, the United not mind: returning superstar in the team that only three years before you had downloaded it would be a good revenge .

Reported the interest of the City, Pogba is also the head of the PSG, but has the same problems of the English club with the Financial Fair Play: and should sell, so much, to buy. Or, as a year ago, could make one offer for one player, at 60 million euro: the few, for the midfielder of Juventus.

It seems instead that Carlo Ancelotti has told the truth: to Real Madrid at the time, Pogba not interested. Even if, the president Florentino Perez is one that is in a hurry to change his mind.
Barca have a €80m bid rejected, according to Tuttosport.

Manchester City met with Juventus and Pogba in Torino: the details


Paul Pogba is the biggest name in the transfer news headlines these days. Many top clubs are interested in the French midfielder, with Manchester City taking concrete steps recently. The Citizens sent Soriano and Beguiristain to Torino last week where they met with Juve to discuss potential players to use in the deal (including Yaya Toure', Dzeko and Jovetic who are all expected to leave regardless of the potential Pogba deal), as well as Pogba and his agent Raiola to go over their project. This is isn't the first time Manchester City met with Raiola, they also had discussions in London previously.

There are other clubs in the race. PSG continues to pursue Pogba but the player so far isn't convinced by the destination, as well as Barcelona who has made an offer deemed too low (they could increase their bid after the president election, but they also couldn't acquire him until after transfer ban expires). Juventus is waiting for the right offer, maybe from Chelsea or Manchester United who could make a bid of up to €100 million, an offer so high that would make them consider selling even though they have no need to complete the deal. Pogba has suitors all over Europe, City is trying to anticipate the other contenders.
Pep wants to bring Pogba to City according to The Guardian.

That would be the ultimate hit in the face! What a downfall our club is going through. fecking hurts to see our board dabble for years. United is financially and in terms of supporters one of the easiest clubs to have success with if you aren't complete brainsick! Hard to take what we have to witness in the last months. Them idiots (Glazer's and their Woody) completey wreck this club. Such disgrace!
But then I guess why would Pogba want to come back? He didn't leave on good terms and sadly that was one of Fergies very few mistakes...
The Jorge Mendes/Mourinho mouthpiece, Duncan Castles reporting United interest in Pogba. Think Castles is a bit of a tit and usually talks a lot of rubbish but listening to what he's saying at the minute because of apparent ties with Mendes/Mourinho.
It's a nice pipe dream but I don't think it's anything more than that. Pogba will either go to City or Spain but I really don't think he'll come back to United.
Matt Law (The Telegraph) and Mark Ogden (The Independent) say Mourinho wants Pogba.
Matt Law (The Telegraph) and Mark Ogden (The Independent) say Mourinho wants Pogba.

I can believe he does... As I'm sure do most of the top teams! But if we are seriously after Matic, is Pogba really the right type of player to sit alongside him?
Maybe I'm being negative again but I just don't see this happening. I believe he wants to go to Real or Barca and I'm sure one of them will go after him.

I hope I'm wrong and I hope he does come back because he'd be such a great signing but I'm just not sure it'll happen. We hear these rumors most years.
Hopefully feels he has unfinished business here. Same agent as Ibrahimovic. His issue was with Fergie, not with United, bring him back!
Maybe... But assuming Real do want him... Or Barca. Got to be one of those destinations over Manchester I'd imagine.
Translation: First contact between Pogba's entourage and Real Madrid.

If we must break the world record fee for him then let's do it. Everyone keeps telling me he's the best CM in the world or at the very least top 5! Yes it's a lot of money but our midfield needs that investment. Still think he'll go to Real but we can only hope.
He will not come back to a club he left in a million years. It's not going to happen.
No I can't see it happening either... Though he did leave because of Fergie and he's not said he has an issue with the actual club?
Yeah I can see that... I can also see why he'd want to go to Real as well! Right now a better team who are challenging in La Liga and Europe... Plus the weather and the tax advantages in Spain! Yeah I can absolutely see why that would appeal more.
I know this will probably upset some... But it's very rarely not more appealing surely?!

Better weather, nicer City, less to pay in tax and from what I've seen even better facilities than what we've got? Not that we don't have nice facilities.

Of course as a United fan we'd all pick United but as far as overall appeal goes even I'd struggle to turn down Madrid!
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