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West Ham United - 27/9/2014

What a fantastic header.

Don't want to speak too soon but he was very assured today. Looked decent in the air and showed that he can carry the ball out as well.
A bit nervy in 2nd half, again like Rojo, affected by sun in eyes perhaps but for the most part a very composed performance. Unbelievable clearance too. This is a lad who joined the club a few years ago as an attacking midfielder.

Loving van Gaal's faith in youth. Fergie would have played Fletcher next to Rojo today. The young lads stepping up too. They will make mistakes though, it's to be expected, they require more patience.
Everton - 5/10/2014

Hardly noticed him and I mean that in a good way, just doesn't look out of place. Kept Lukaku largely quiet. Composed on the ball.

He and others might not make it but I think it shows how good our academy is that players can come in and not look out of place. Blackett going on tour and starting the first 5 games would have been unthinkable back in June. McNair a much bigger surprise though.

Give them a chance and they rise to the level of those around them.
Highly impressive. The way he handled Lakaku was brilliant. Lakaku bullied Vidic last season so I was concerned he would do the same to McNair, but there was no need to worry.

Great shout by van Gaal to select him ahead of Thorpe.
Yeah really does reflect well on the academy and coaches that these guys are doing such a good job. Thought McNair was excellent today, also felt that he'd struggle with Lukaku.
There is no reason he should not make it here. At the least he should provide stiff competition to both Smalling and Jones. Smalling should be third choice behind Paddy going by current form.
I still think of McNair as a midfielder playing at CB, he's doing a good job to put that to bed though. Doesn't really get tested at U21 level so it was hard to judge him as a defender I think before the last 2 games. Looks really confident on the ball too and that's important for defenders at the highest level.

It's good motivation for other U21s and U18s to see McNair and Blackett getting opportunities and doing so well.
There is no reason he should not make it here. At the least he should provide stiff competition to both Smalling and Jones. Smalling should be third choice behind Paddy going by current form.

Think it's far too early to say that. I don't like criticising our young players but as I've said before when similar things were said about Blackett, we have to consider where they were at under 21 level and provious loans etc.. I never before this season considered Blackett and McNair as two players who'd make it here, I felt Blackett had more of a chance than McNair, but as impressive as the two have been I still am far from convinced they have futures here.
Yeah far too early for that sort of talk. They've not got 10 games between them yet. As we've seen with Welbeck, Cleverley and others, it's not even certain that after 50 games they will actually stay here. They've been granted opportunities and they've taken them but they need to take the next step now, they need to improve, hold down a regular place and perform consistently which is a much bigger ask. With the money we are able to spend it will be difficult for them. There are plenty of others in the past that could have done what McNair and Blackett have done but never got the chance and they're now playing for other clubs in the Prem, likes of James Chester and Ryan Shawcross, they might not make it with us but they'll have good career's in the game and I think people like Nigel Pearson at Leicester recognise that, he knows the quality of the players in our academy, he's got 6/7 of them in his squad now, won the Championship at ease last season, Drinkwater was their player of the season and Matty James was their young player of the season.
Crystal Palace - 8/11/2014

Another solid performance. CB situation is far from ideal though, 3 partnerships in a game yet again.
Bar the one mistake in the first half he was solid.

He hasn't let himself or the team down in his outings so far.
Tottenham Hotspur - 28/12/2014

He makes me a bit nervous.
He was okay-ish overall, I thought. He did look a wee nervous. His stats were decent: 6 tackles, 6 interceptions, 1 block, 8 clearances.
Cambridge United - 3/2/2015

Been used at RB for U21s and recently since moving there during the Yeovil game. Is he perhaps seen as a possible future RB now? Thought he was ace tonight. Touch of the O'Shea's about him recently in terms of versatility playing at CB, RB and in midfield for the U21s.
He looked composed and played with confidence. Passing, crossing and decision making was good.

His touch and technique is very good. He's a Van Gaal type of footballer.
Yeah as Gary Neville said the other week he's a total footballer.

I'd like to see more of him there. Looked good going forward, came close to scoring and getting an assist. Wasn't tested defensively really and it was only Cambridge so we'll have to see.
I prefer him in a more attacking role, not scared to run at people, play well even if it was only against Cambridge
Van Gaal: "Maybe he can be the right back of Manchester United for the next 10 years"

The fact he's played there for the U21s and the first team recently having never, to my knowledge, played there before suggests to me that Van Gaal has seen something to suggest he could make a good RB, similar to David Alaba at Bayern who was a midfielder until Van Gaal put him at LB. Even though he's been playing at CB, I think I read an interview with Warren Joyce who said he still considered McNair a midfielder but was playing at CB to improve his game.
Burnley - 11/2/2015

Enjoyed his performance at RB again. Things to work on if he's to become first choice but early signs have been good and i'd have him in over Valencia.
Struggled with the wingers pace, Valencia would have coped better. I'm looking forward to Rafa being back.
Swansea City - 21/2/2015

Why he is played ahead of Valencia let alone Rafael is beyond me.
I don't get his obsession with paddy. He Is A prospect But No more than that atm. All he did was end up wasting a sub.
A lot of people were glad that Valencia wasn't playing before kick off, didn't get it though. I think he's been one of our better players recently, improved in defence and attack.
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