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Mar 26, 2010
Manchester United is delighted to announce it has reached agreement with Crewe Alexandra for the transfer of Nick Powell for an undisclosed fee.

The 18-year-old England U18 international has passed a medical and agreed a four-year contract commencing 1 July 2012.

Sir Alex Ferguson is delighted to have recruited the youngster and told “We have scouted Nick for months now. He is an exceptional talent and has been schooled well at Crewe.

"I’m delighted he has chosen to come to United. He has a lot to offer and we are all looking forward to working with him."

Powell himself is over the moon to have secured a move to Old Trafford and told us: “It really is a dream come true to be signing for Manchester United. I have had a great time at Crewe and I would like to thank them for helping me to develop as a player over the past 13 years.

"I’m excited about continuing my development with Sir Alex and the world-class players in the squad. The thought of making the step up to the Premier League next season is an exciting prospect. I can’t wait to get started.”

Manchester United sign Crewe's Nick Powell - Official Manchester United Website

Player profile: Nick Powell - Official Manchester United Website
Good news. It's exciting to sign young players with potential.
Signed at 18 with great potential & who has 50+ games experience. A great signing in my opinion.
Nick Powell's record:

England U16's:
England U17's:
England U18's:
Not bad exp for a 18yr old.
It's OK but don't get carried away. He's never played at a standard anywhere near that required at United.
Powell's goals from last season was in the other thread. I'll add the video to this thread.

80 apperances for a 18yr old is class that's like loaning a player out for 2 seasons.

Looking at statistics purely is dangerous. Tunnicliffe played fairly regularly at a higher standard last season and probably won't be involved in the first team so I don't expect Powell to be. He's played a lot of games but the standard in general is poor technically, all it really proves is he's physically ahead of most other players his age. If a few of our players were bigger physically they would have played as many games as him at a higher standard. He's looks like he's got decent technique but nothing that will make him stand out here, he needs to improve other parts of his game if he wants to make it.
This isn't aimed at anyone here, but there are some who will go "League 2?! Why are we signing these shit players?" or something along those lines. What we must remember is that Smalling went from Non-League to playing Champions League football in the space of 2 years. There are gems out there in the lower leagues.

Having missed out on Bale, Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain recently, it's nice to sign a young British talent. Signing foreign youth talent hasn't really worked out for us so far... Rossi, Pique and Pogba to name a few.

I've not seen him so can't comment on him. From what i've heard, he's got a bright future ahead of him, he's also got a good attitude apparently. Looking forward to seeing him. Not expecting too much straight away though.
I'm not critical of the signing, I'm pleased that for once we've not been beaten to a highly rated young British players signature. I've seen him a few times and whilst never being blown away by him he's got the attributes to be a good player. I do however think expecting too much of him because he's scored a few goals for Crewe is counter productive and expectations should be calmed. I don't think his career thus far will have been anything other than a minor point in Fergies thinking, it'll be what he's capable of in the future that got us interested.
SSN making out his a ST, idiots obviously never watched him, he can play they but he is a CM/CAM
Those critical of the signing are obviously unaware of Fergie's methods and our history. You only have to look at last summer, where we signed two highly sought after young players (Smalling can probably be added to the list). Signing a young player is not an immediate solution. It can be a gamble because they may not fulfil their potential. £2m potentially rising to £4m is worth a punt. Powell will receive the best schooling at United to fulfil his potential, just like so many younger players before him. Where a player comes from is irrelevant. Where did we sign Ole from? What level of football was Kagawa playing three seasons ago? Where did we sign Lee Sharpe from?
Exactly my thinking, all these players come from somewhere, some gems slip through the net.
Delighted with this signing for several reasons. Firstly, we have signed one of England's brightest talents ahead of Liverpool and City. Secondly, having seen this kid live a few times he really stood out from the rest. He has a real attaking threat about him and looks to use the ball really well. Of course there are rough edges to he's game but with the right training they'll all be fine. Lastly, this is just a typical Man Utd signing... young and Englisn, continuing the trend this club has followed for many years.
He's a technically gifted player. I am absolutely sure based on what I've seen of him (admittedly not very much) that he belongs at the top level of the game. Clearly he won't be in the XI week-in week-out but I'd hope we give him a good amount of games to introduce him to this level. But he hasn't just made his name in League 2. He has made his name as an England international for his age groups. I remember Mr. Tevez above comparing him (in style) to Iniesta last year in an U17 tournament I think it was. He's a very talented player and I'm sure in the coming years he'll develop into a top-class player for us.
Nick Powell is viewed as a central midfield player not a forward and will be around the first-team squad and train with them.

"I think in Nick's case, he's got a bit of physical development to do, just as we would expect of an 18 year-old. But he'll be in the first-team squad and train with us every day."

Fergie: "I asked Dario if Nick could be a central midfielder. Dario thinks that's his position and Nick does too so we're all in accord. We hope he'll be a central midfield player and that's where we'll develop him."

Nick Powell: "This is a whole different world. The players have been fantastic, very nice & welcoming"

Powell eyes development - Official Manchester United Website
Seems to be quite mature reading that, one of the things Fergie looks for in his targets it seems. Really looking forward to seeing him play and whether he can make an impact in his first season. Not expecting much straight away though as he's only 18.
Would have been strange had we signed him as an attacking midfielder in my opinion. We have an abundance of young prospects coming through in that area, and one of the best on the business in the first team now with Kagawa. Fergie likes goal scoring centre midfielders. Can see Powell being moulded into that type of player, Steven Gerrard esque.
Just watched a video of his goals on youtube, the way he strikes the ball for some goals reminds me of Ronaldo a bit.
Personally think he'll play a lot for the reserves this season, and maybe a more proper role in the first team starting in the 13/14 season.
Think he might go on loan in January depending on how things are going.
Powell showed glimpses of his ability and he appears confident. He has a good build for a centre midfielder.
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