NFL 2022/23 Season


Mar 22, 2017
And here we go with the 2022 season.

Rams Vs Bills what a game to get us off.

I fancying the Bills 34-24
The Bill D looked dominant. Completely shut Rams down. The only thing Rams got going was when Allen gave them a short field. Completely shut down D from them which is impressive against that Rams side.
I shall be cheering on my new team the New Orleans Saints this season.

Started watching it and going to one of the London games this year so decided I need a team.

My selection process was thorough as you’d expect and I settled on the team that hate the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

I hear they’re a very middle of the road side so I will be calling for their head coach to be sacked pretty soon.
I'm at the Saints game this year.

I highly recommend Red Zone for new viewers Sunday at 6.
The Dolphins didn't really turn up but won with ease against the Patriots which was nice to see.

The end of the 6pm slate of games was ridiculous. The story of the night was missed fieldgoals.

Bengals had a walk off PAT to win it. Missed. Then had a FG to win it missed. Steelers then had a FG to win it. Missed. And eventually Steelers got over the line.

Blankenship missed a fieldgoal in OT to win it for Colts.

Titans missed a walk off field goal to win it.

Young Hoe Koo missed a walk off field goal to win it for Falcons.

On the opposite end of the spectrum Will Lutz and Cade York completed fieldgoals to give their teams walk off wins. So many close games.
Great end to Saints vs Falcons.

Saints nail their field goal to go ahead but Falcons miss a long range attempt to go back ahead.

How often do field goal attempts get charged down? Is it normal or was it first day of the season rust?
Great end to Saints vs Falcons.

Saints nail their field goal to go ahead but Falcons miss a long range attempt to go back ahead.

How often do field goal attempts get charged down? Is it normal or was it first day of the season rust?

A quick Google suggest that 1.4% of field goals are blocked. Just looked 22 teams didn't have a blocked field goal attempt last season. It's not normal and rare to see so many in one day.

The further out a fieldgoal the more likely it is to be blocked because they need to hit it lower to get the distance on it.

Even without fieldgoals being blocked it rare to see them missed as often as yesterday. 7 teams had a conversion rate over 90% last season and half the league had a rate better than 85% and this is including when they go for it form say 60 yards.

Before yesterday's missed 29 yard FG McPherson was 23 for 23 inside of 40 yards in his career. He also missed the PAT in regulation which he is 46 of 48 for in his career now.
Yeah I was watching on and off for years and can't really recall seeing kicks get charged down ever but yesterday it happened twice.

The one at the end of the Bengals game was just mad I assumed they were essentially a gimme but even that was blocked.

Watched the red zone coverage of the 6pm games it's very good.
Redzone for the 6 clock games is my favourite 3 and a half hours of TV of the week.

It only gets better as the season gets going and the players knock the rust off too.

I watched both Red Zone and the Miami game.

Stayed up for the Bucs Vs Cowboys game. Which was awful and I wish that I didn't!
Dolphins just had one of the greatest games I've ever watched. Losing 35-14 at the start of the fourth quarter and won 42-38.
A wild stat from the above game. Before today over the last 11 years teams with a 21 point lead in the 4th quarter were 711-0
The jets had a great comeback victory as well.

Totally overshadowed by the dolphins
So did the Cardinals.

They were losing 22-6 at the start of the 4th. They secured to TD's and 2 point conversions in the final quarter.

When Carr got on the pitch in over time it was 38 minutes since he had last thrown a pass.

Murray doing ridiculous Murray things.

He run a 85.69 yards in completing that 2 point conversion. Haha.
Went to the Jags vs Broncos at Wembley yesterday.

Fair to say the Broncos fans heavily outnumbered the Jags despite them trying to almost become the London team.

As for the game Jags got off to a great start mainly thanks to the Broncos giving away so many penalties.

Game momentum seemed to change second quarter when at 1st and 1 the jags QB threw a stupid interception. Broncos then came back into the game and deserved the victory.
Absolute horror situation in last night's game that reminded me of our Christian.

Hamlin after taking a hit to the chest initially got up and then feel back down.

He was given CPR on the pitch for 9 minutes and then taken to hospital. They've said he's currently in an induced coma and that his vitals are where they need to be.

The decision was made an hour later to call the game off.

Fingers crossed it ends up with the same result we got from Eriksen and he makes a full recovery.

I'll do a summary of where the season is at before the last round of games next week. But doesn't feel the right time to at the moment.
I saw this on the news terrible, he is in a coma, heart beating but unable to breathe I think they said
Horrendous. Has there been any update?

Not since 3:30 this morning.

Update on Damar:

His vitals are back to normal and they have put him to sleep to put a breathing tube down his throat. They are currently running tests.

We will provide updates as we have them.
Poor guy only 24 years old as well.

Hopefully he pulls through when they try to bring him out of the coma.

As for his career that is an after thought at the time like this but I suspect it'll be tough for him to carry on due to the insurance cover.
49ers hammered Seattle in the first of the playoff games.

In the second game Lawrence threw 4 interceptions in the first half. It was 27-0 and I went to bed. Game was done. Just woke up to see that it finished 31-30 to Jacksonville. What the actual f*ck.
No interest in American sport, find it all so boring, give me Rounders and Rugby League any day of the week, and I don't even like Rugby League, just needed to complete the thread clean-sweep.
Watched the first quarter before going to bed, sounds like a cracking game.

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