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Feb 15, 2012
Agreed a deal with Burnley for Nick Pope.

Think that's a great signing for them goalkeeper has been a problem position for them for a while.

Think the target for them this season has got to be finish in the top half the money is now there to start building a squad and I think they'll have to resist the urge to just go mad in the way some clubs who fall into riches do. QPR I'm looking at you!

So far it seems like they're putting some thought into the slow build over a few seasons and I think Pope fits with that.
They haven’t gone hell for leather signings wise yet like I thought they would.

Pope would be a shrewd bit of business. He should be the England number 1 in my opinion. Much much better than Pickford or Ramsdale for me.
Think Pickford plays because for England he never lets us down if he starts making mistakes he might lose his spot.

Newcastle bringing in Dan Ashworth suggests they’re looking to build something slowly not just blow a load of money in big names.
Snip at £8-10m if true, but I don't think he's that much of an upgrade on Dubravka, if at all.
I've never really rated Dubravka to be honest think Pope is a pretty solid keeper.

Good shot stopper and dominant in the air with crosses but not sure how good he is at the more modern requirements of sweeping and playing out as lets be honest at Burnley that wasn't part of the job.
Agreed a deal with Lille for Sven Botman for around £35m.

This guy was in demand apparently Milan were pretty confident about getting him so that's a big signal of intent.
All good a bit quiet for these boys they lost out on that striker to PSG.

You'd think they'd be trying to attract some quality attacking options for next season as they are pretty weak up top.
Reports they're close to a deal for Aleksander Isak from Real Sociedad for around £60m including add ons.

He's 22 years old been linked with a few clubs was apparently close to joining Arsenal in January.

Scored 44 goals in 132 games for Real Sociedad.
I do wonder why didn't go for Howe a few seaons back. Doing a great job there
I think he'll do a good job getting them up into the top half then he'll be found out and they'll appoint a bigger name to take them on to the next level.

Bit like Mark Hughes at City he'll do the first bit before they bring in a better man to coach the better players that will arrive over the next few summers.
He's a funny one, on his day he looks unstoppable, then the next match he looks as though he hasn't got a clue what he's doing.

If Newcastle can get some consistency in his game they'll have a hell of a player on their hands, and the crowd will love him.

I think he'll be back in Spain, or Italy in 18 months, but not before he's scored a hattrick against United.
I really like Isak and think he’s got great ability, think it could turn out to be a brilliant signing. However, his record in Spain isn’t great but sometimes a move away elevates these promising players onto the next level.
It's gonna be fun watching Sweden over the next few years, and I never thought i'd hear myself say that, but Isak and Elanga will be a nightmare to play against when they get it right.
Some goal.

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Big home win vs Brentford yesterday 5-1

They have come a long way in their first year under the new owners.

I had some doubts over Howe‘s ability but he’s doing a great job.
Guimares has been a great signing, absolute bargain.
Guimares has been a great signing, absolute bargain.
Yep he’s been brilliant for them. An absolute steal at what they paid for him.

Sadly I do think Howe is just filling in at the moment until they go for a bigger name. Obviously if he continues to do well then he’ll stay but ultimately when Newcastle look to get to that next stage, then the owners will look to bring in a bigger name.
Guess he just needs to keep moving them forward if he wants to survive we are yet to really see how big these owners are willing to go.

You have to assume at some point they’ll want to be pushing City, the Saudis don’t tend to settle for second place In anything they do.
There's more chance of City getting relegated than Newcastle finishing in the T4 any time soon. The owners are just gonna have to want.
Not sure their owners are the patient types.

Spurs/Chelsea pick up a couple of key injuries and the door is wide open.
Kept waiting, kept waiting all Summer for Newcastle to make that statement signing that would make everybody else in the League sit up and pay attention, Pope, Botman and Isak are all decent signings but not the oh sh*t they really mean business type that was needed.

Not surprised Bruno G is looking for a way out ....
cant remember if it was pre Jose or pre Ole when I suggested Howe for manager, a few people said he'd never be good enough.

Doing alright now though, playing some lovely stuff with a squad, on paper, worse than those around him, improved a few players to boot.
They're the worst team in the league when it comes to time wasting even at 0-0 they are constantly trying every dirty trick in the book to run down the clock.

They are a hard side to beat though and Howe has done a very good job but he'd have been eaten alive at Man Utd.

Once teams start showing them a bit more respect and giving them the ball they will struggle.
Until they get into Europe it’s going to be tough for them to spend money without breaking the FFP rules.

Although the PL shows no real intention of enforcing these rules. City have been under investigation for years and there doesn’t seem to be any attempts to charge them even though the evidence is all there.

I think the break comes at a bad time for them will they be able to keep the momentum going when they come back.

The defensive signings have been brilliant Pope, Trippier, Burn and Bottman have made them so much better at the back and that has built confidence through the rest of the side.
I only caught the last 30 min of that match, but it was proper old school SPL kick and rush, helter skelter type stuff. Two poor sides devoid of quality but giving it their all. Unfortunately, that level of effort and commitment added to some skill and talent will take them far.
Yeah I think by the end of the season Utd and Liverpool will be above them maybe Chelsea if they get their act together.

West Ham have dropped off a bit this season so it would still be a big achievement for Newcastle to be the best of the rest outside the top 6 this quickly.

They're a well organised hard working team which is a credit to Howe he's got the right characters in to that dressing room and added some quality at the same time.
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Nick Pope seems a steal at 10m, another clean sheet, 10 in a row, something like 15 in total.

Propbably should take over in Englands goal
Why would Southgate drop Pickford? He's been his keeper for 5 years and never let him down.

Pope is a good keeper but he can't play from the back and that is important for England.

If Southgate was making a change it's more likely to be Ramsdale.

His clean sheet last night was saved by another one of these horrible VAR handball calls. They have to sort that rule out.

Newcastle I thought edged it though Joelinton missed an absolute sitter before he scored they must be pretty confident of their first trip to Wembley in a long time.
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