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May 8, 2011
Super talented Mujo is 12 years old and has an Offer from Manchester United - Sarajevo Times

Super talented 12-year-old boy Mujo Omerovic received a call from the famous Manchester United.

The only dream of Mujo, who now lives in Jacksonville on Florida with his family, is to become a professional football player and to wear a jersey of the national team of BiH in the future. His love for football gives him the desire and strength to train every day, in order to make all of his dreams come true as soon as possible.

That he is indeed very talented young boy shows the fact that in the previous season, in 25 league matches, Mujo scored a total of 27 goals. Call from Manchester United followed after a great matches at the last tournament where he played and was one of the best players.

“After the first e-mail from Manchester United followed a call in which they offered him to sign a three-year contract. When asked how they found out about Mujo, they said that they regularly follow the children’s leagues and tournaments. We are still negotiating,” said Mujo’s mother Samka Kurdija.

Mujo’s father Osman Omerovic is a truck driver and he admitted that he does not have much time to follow his matches and trainings.

Although he lives far away from BiH, Mujo says that he follows domestic football and he is a fan of Zeljeznicar. Also, his dream is to become a football player like Miralem Pjanic, who is his role model.

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