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Tottenham Hotspur - 8/8/2015

Good game. His pressing from the front and interceptions will create counter attacking opportunities.
Was good at pressing today. Will be good this season as he has schweinstieger and Schneiderlin to share the load with him
Manchester United 0-0 Middlesbrough (1-3 pens) - 28th October 2015

Who's idea was it to let him take a penalty? He should be last. Rubbish performance.
He has taken penalties in the past. He scored in the shootout against Chelsea in '08. Not sure on his success rate though.

I'd like to see him at the base of a three man midfield when selected.

The end does look near.
Manchester United 1-0 CSKA Moscow - 3rd November 2015

1st half was a bit average but made a difference in 2nd half with some cracking passes forward including the one to Lingard in build up to goal.
Its the time of the year when Carricks starts to click. Strange but it always takes him a while to get into the season.
Incisive passing. He spread the play well and brought the forwards into play.
Manchester United 2-0 WBA - 7th November 2015

He was good again. Time on the ball allowed him to pick passes.
Decent performance from him. Just felt that he could have sped up the play a bit. Took a lot of time to find his passes. Then again it might have been due to the tight and congested penalty area.
Leicester City 1-1 Manchester United - 28th November 2015

He's hopeless these days.
He played like he had been rushed back from injury in the first half. Bit better in the second half.
Manchester United 3-0 Stoke - 2nd February 2016

Big plus having him back passing the ball forward.
He makes such a difference to this team because he wants to get the ball forwards early! And when you've got Martial in the side you want to get the ball to him as fast as possible. What a boost to have him back now!
Superb tonight. If he is leaving in the summer, hopefully signs off in style.
Night and day between Carrick and the Schneiderlin we've seen in the last month. Hopefully just a form thing for Schneiderlin.
See I think Schneiderlin is getting a bit of a raw deal... Generally when he's been in the team he's shielded the back 4 very nicely. He's not the player you look to in order to get the ball forwards quickly but he plays a really important part in winning the ball back.

OK he's had a couple of poorer games but before that he was in and out of the team for what appeared to be no good reason. And the teams record with him in the team is better than without him.

I know it's a frustration that we play with two defensive midfielders but that's down to the players we've got. We knew that about Schneiderlin when we bought him...
I remember having a bad run without Carrick last season and once he was back, we improved the results. Would like to see win-ratio with and without him.
Yeah I'd be really interested to see that too as I know last year at one point is was very impressive. In fact I'm sure for a lot of last season (and I could be wrong) we hadn't lost when Carrick started! And if we had it was only once or twice in a good number of games.

He's so important to the team because he gets the ball to the front men so quickly. It is at that point that those dangerous players we've got can do the damage.
FC Midtjylland 2-1 Manchester United - 18th February 2016

Not surprised to see the drop off in performance after a number of consecutive games. He should have been a sub.

He and Herrera were non-existent.
That's unfair. He's been poorly managed.

I know I am being unfair. But you can't expect me to have a measured reaction after the shite we saw last night. Carrick is a long serving member of the club and I tremendously respect him. But his and the whole team's performance last night was perfectly described by that one word.
West Bromwich Albion 1-0 Manchester United - 6th March 2016

Slow and laboured. His lack of mobility was a hindrance.
Poor game from him. On this evidence I don't think he will get an extension
Probably not. I have always been one of Carricks biggest backers but there comes a time when time catches up with you. He really shouldn't have been playing today. Herrera and schneiderlin had been doing pretty well and shouldn't have been changed
Not far off from that performance being labelled his GNev moment. A nothing performance, slow in everything he did, 2nd to everything.
See this is why maybe he's best moving in to defense? Not necessarily for us but he'd get more time on the ball and as his pace (which was never electric) goes he can use his understanding of the game!

There's no way Schneiderlin should have been dropped today. Him and Herrera were building a really nice partnership and it was working. But once again LVG goes back to the failed approach.

That's not me pinning defeat on Carrick but it's just typical of what LVG has done the whole time he's been manager here.
When Carrick is your captain you know it's going to be a struggle, I'd rather stick it on fred the red.
Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United - 10th March 2016

He will have nightmares about Liverpool's second.
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